DNB Top 10- Raptor Fan Thoughts On Chris Bosh Return For Heat

If you haven't heard word on the street is that Chris Bosh could be back for Game 5 for the Miami. I reached out to Twitter to get some help on this but I have tons of my own too. So let's get this going.

#10- Chris Bosh will re-appear with golden dreads that he has had woven into his hair for the occasion.

#9- Chris Bosh went searching for the Raptor Jersey he had hidden in the TD Garden for inspiration to make this comeback.

#8- K.G will make Chris Bosh Cry.

#7- It was man up and come back or change diapers for his new born.

#6- He ran out of cool things to wear on the sidelines.

#5- "I am glad he is back, I just hope he crashes another interview" @TheJockocracy

He means like this:

#4-" more funny reaction/action faces on the court " @RealSammyT

He really does not need to be on the court for this. Here is some proof:

#3-Three Words: Third Wheel Savior

#2- It was return to the playoffs or be embedded with the Heat as correspondent for Jay Leno.

Flashback: Click Here

#1- Who Cares we never really liked him anyway.

I feel bad maybe watching this cartoon will help?

All the joking aside Chris Bosh is expected back for the Miami Heat and they could really use him. Not sure how Raptor fans would react to Chris Bosh being a hero in Miami. The stage is set for him to be one thought. That is it for another fun filled addition of the DNB Top 10.

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