Raptors Picture Still Cloudy A Week From The Draft

A week from today one way or another, when your head hits the pillow you should know at least something about the Raptors future. It might be that the Raptors have even more youth through the draft or that they have made some trade to improve this roster. The answer likely won't be coming til next Thursday night at the earliest. In the time between now and than the Raptors have a couple more draft workouts scheduled one that is going on as I am typing that has the following participants:

Alex Young                 Guard              6-6                   IUPUI
Tyler Murray               Guard              6-5                   Wagner
Terrence Jones          Forward           6-9                   Kentucky
Jared Sullinger           Forward          6-9                   Ohio State
John Henson              Forward           6-10                 UNC
Perry Jones III            Forward           6-11                 Baylor

The one name that jumps off the page in Jared Sillinger who made news recently for being red flagged with some medical concerns about his back. A week ago the Raptors would be just hoping he was available at 8. Now could he even be around at 37 and take a similar nose dive like DeJaun Blair did? That seems unlikely but you never no. The other notable name is Perry Jones III. The Baylor standout seems to be a favourite for a lot of folks in this draft class. The Raptors will also be having another workout on Monday or at least are scheduled to have one. They have brought in more prospects than I can personally remember than in recent times. Part of that is based on having 3 draft picks at very different points in the draft. It also might just be a giant smoke screen to convince teams the Raptors are perfectly happy to pick at the 8th. Based on all Colangelo had to say after the Draft Lottery I find it hard to believe he is happy to remain at 8 and pick someone.

When you consider all the trade rumours we heard at the start of this draft process with Raptors on a hunt to turn the 8th pick as part of a package into an experienced high end small forward. It might be considered a bit of a failure or let down to end up just taking the best player on the board at that spot whoever they deem that to be. The one thing that would be a complete and total shock would be if the Raptors traded up in the draft. There is absolutely no one expecting them to do that. If anything trading back would be possible. Although as we sit about a week a way from the draft it appears the Raptors might just be stuck with just picking at number 8. Call me crazy if you like but given the depth of this draft, and the Raptors history of little success in the 2nd round, I am as interested if not more interested to see what they do there. Bryan Colangelo seemed convinced he could draft a player at that spot that could be part of roster for the upcoming season. If that was true, it would be the first time in a long time if ever the Raptors made a pick with impact in the 2nd round. Solomon Alabli with all due respect has been more team mascot than a second round pick with any impact. 

The one thing that you have to know with this entire process is it is very fluid. It seems to change as time goes on and teams become more clear on how they see the draft playing out. There is also the chance of finding a trade at the eleventh hour as a viable option perhaps right up until the Raptors are on the clock to make the 8th pick. So it should be interesting if nothing else. I will be in Toronto next week and most of out Team DNB staff will be joining me as we host a draft party at St Louis Wings at 595 Bay St. Keep an eye out we still may be doing a  contest as we have in the past to have a fan be our VIP Guest. In addition we have Jack Armstrong scheduled to join up on June 26th just a couple days prior to the draft to try and put all of this into some prospective for us. Jack's interviews are always a hit with you folks that read the DNB and are always some of my favourite ones to do. I look forward to this one and our party next week. In addition finally having some answers on the direction the Raptors are heading. It all will happen between now and seven days from today.

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