This Week In Raptorland Is Back

Awhile back we did a new podcast to go along with the Starting 5. It was called This Week in Raptorland. You probably thought I had ditched the idea and it was never coming back. But it was only put in moth balls and is now back for another go around. Once we get to the fall this will be a weekly podcast that is roughly 20-30 minutes in length. However over the off-season will bring it out every now and again to talk what is going on with the Toronto Raptors. On this episode I am joined by Aaron who is one of  new writers that has come on board as part of Team DNB. So we talk about the NBA Lottery and if it fact or fiction, Where the Raptors go from here based on the lottery. So have a listen and hopefully you will be entertained for about 30 minutes. 

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