More Draft Workouts Coming

The Raptors have promised additional draft workouts for tomorrow and Monday. Up to this point a total of 27 players have worked out for the Raptors and of those 27 there have been 7 Canadians a part of that mix. The Raptors had never even had a Canadian on the roster until the signing of Jaamal Magloire last season. They have always brought in a few to work out every season though. What was once considered a good will gesture is no longer that as Canadians have become legit draft prospects and that was highlighted last year with the selection of Tristan Thompson at four the highest ever for a Canadian and Cory Joesph also was selected in the first round by the Spurs. So as a Canadian regardless of if you are a Raptor fan this is encouraging signs of what might come in terms of Canadian talent in the NBA.

In terms of the Raptors and what they plan to do with their picks in this draft that remains up in the air. We have seen a wide range of prospects roll through town from big names to little names and everything in between. There has been a focus on point guard and the wing positions as there should be. Still what the Raptors ultimately will do remains a bit of a question mark. Who they might be considering selecting could come more into focus in these next couple workouts. This would be the time you would suspect that of that pool of 27 players they bring a few of them back for a second look. Most seem to feel that Damain Lillard would be their guy. The only issue has become if he will be there now. Some see Portland as a possible landing spot. Portland is also considered on of the teams along with Raptors in the Steve Nash hunt. It just goes to show you how things change during this time of year. A majority of mock drafts did not even have any point guard going in the top ten. Now we could see one climb to as high 6 or beyond. Also the medical news about Jared Sullinger have some medical red flags about his back have called into question his draft stock. If they turn out to be unfounded I suspect some Raptor fans will be telling me that we could have picked him just like they did about Danny Granger. People forget that Granger had his own medical red flags about the durability of his legs. Joey Graham had no red flags and ultimately no where close to the talent Granger has.

Regardless of what the Raptors do remember to join us for our DNB Draft Party at St Louis Wings. The draft gets going at 7pm but I will likely be there earlier than that. So come on out and say hello and have some fun. Will be there all night if you can't make it for 7pm. Hope to see a lot of you in the GTA area come out. We are at the Bay St location at the Atrium. 

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