Young Onez Invade DNB

A lot of time people think that what I get to do is fun. Which most of the time it is exactly that. Before I made my way to our Party up the street at St Louis Wings, I was able to stop by the ACC and catch up with Amir Johnson and Demar DeRozan. In the 3 years or so of covering the Raptors I have got to know both pretty well. I first talked with Amir and than as you will hear Amir kind of invades my chat with Demar DeRozan. I could have done some editing and taken all this fun out but when you have Amir Johnson Wooing like Ric Flair and delivering chops to his teammates why on earth would you. My only regret is this in audio form and not on video. There was some fun, but there was also some serious talk about the upcoming season and what both have been doing since the end of the year. Demar talks about his travels and back at home how both he and Amir compete in the Drew League. Which is for lack of a better term a professional kind of house league. But Demar gives you a better explanation. First up though we have Mr Johnson.

I thought I was through talking with Amir but he also gets involved in the conversation with Demar. In fact right off the top of things Amir is involved.

Sorry about how that chopped off at the end. Demar's last line is "Bring that to next season." In case you were wondering that team Amir plays for in Drew League is the Kings of L.A not the L.A Kings that won the Stanley Cup. The other member of this trio Sonny Weems had a qualifying offer extended to him by the Raptors as did point guard Jerryd Bayless who was also on hand with Gary Forbes and Ed Davis. I did not have a chance to talk with them. I did get in a scum with the man that started it all in some ways for the Raptors Mighty Mouse. I will likely write something about that next week. So enjoy your Canada Day Weekend folks who know the Raptors might have some guy named Steve Nash coming by Monday. That would make it a Canada Day to remember for. This couple interviews with Amir and Demar I will remember for a long time too a lot of fun. Sonny Weems was also a fun guy to talk with but if he ends up coming back to the Raptors I would still say is a long shot at best. But now that the Raptors have qualified him that makes him yet another asset they have to play with in this off-season. Bottom line we should see some fireworks beyond the ones for Canada Day coming soon from the Raptors.

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