7 Dayz in the NBAz

So the past week has been filled with more chatter then action, but really what else is new.  A couple of news stories though have made the cut for this weeks edition of 7 Dayz, some surprising and some not so much.

5. Draft Pick Swaps
There has been a lot of chatter of the Toronto Raptors looking to ship their 8th pick.  Earlier, players in the mix were Rudy Gay and Andre Iguadala, as of recently it has been Kyle Lowry.  So far, the only picks swapped was Minnesota's 18th, and Detroit's lottery protected 2013 pick.  It is the players involved in that deal that are more surprising.  Houston lost Chase Budinger for the 18th pick, shocking as Budinger has proved to be a bright spot in the Rockets organization.  Also, Detroit and Charlotte gave up their only real "stars" in Ben Gordon and Corey Maggette - which makes no sense for teams trying to get better, so this trade doesn't seem to benefit either team, rather keeps them both in the same position.

4. Nash "Supposedly" Has a Wish-List
Earlier this week, Eric Smith and Jack Armstrong reported on the radio that through various media sources in Miami, a wish-list for one of the top free agents of the summer was released.  Two of the expected teams to be on that list, Miami and New York, were not included.  Phoenix, Portland, and Toronto apparently were the teams Nash would prefer to go to.  Phoenix makes sense.  Going back, and working with the team he has become comfortable with for years.  Toronto also makes sense.  Retiring in his home country, retiring as a hero to his nations hero, and of course being close to his new job as the GM of Canada Basketball.  Portland on the other hand, is kind of odd to me.   We will all have to just play the waiting game and see how this pans out.

3. Orlando Magic Liquidate Front Office
The Orlando Magic have fired practically all of their assistance coaches and staff, including the popular Director of Player Development, Adonal Foyle. This all comes after the firings of GM Otis Smith and Head Coach Stan Van Gundy.  In all honesty, this is probably and attempt to "start fresh", trying to give Dwight Howard a plays to start new and grow some more.  Its a tough hit, seeing how successful the team has been, and how diva-esque Dwight has been.  Either way, these execs all have bright future's in the league, as I do not believe they did anything wrong or to deserve their release.  

2. Larry Bird Leaves the Pacers; Donny Walsh Steps In
Due to undisclosed health reasons, long time Pacers employee and NBA HOFer Larry Bird resigned as  the head of Basketball Operations for Indiana Pacers.  Stepping in for Bird? The man who left New York surprisingly, and the man who Bird took over for Donny Walsh.  Honestly, I see why Walsh left the Big Apple, the media just rips you apart no matter what.  If you do not do what the city wants, then simple enough, they don't want you.  It was probably an easy decision for him to go back to Indiana, the smaller market and friendlier environment probably makes the old man very comfortable.

1. LeBron James, WHOOPS, the Miami Heat Win the NBA Championship
Probably the most loved AND the most hated team, the Miami Heat have won the 2012 NBA Championship.  This means two things.  First, LeBron James finally has a ring.  Second, we cannot make anymore "Ringless LeBron" jokes.  We also have to realize Chris Bosh also has a ring.  Great. I don't know why it annoys me so much.  Actually I do.  It is just weird to call Chris Bosh an NBA Champion, it makes me both mad and happy.  I mean mad because of the way he left the Raptors, but happy to say we were the city that grew him to be the player he is now.  Either way, the 2012 Miami Heat better have a nice asterisk beside their title, because they didn't even play a full season or who knows what could have happened.

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