Pre Draft Conversation With Jack Armstrong

He always comes through for us here in the Dino Nation Blog, it is our pleasure as we get close to the NBA Draft, on Thursday to welcome back Jack Armstrong. We have a lengthy discussion about not just the Raptors outlook for Thursday, but the big picture for the Raptors entering the off-season. There is talk about the draft though and several of the top prospects. We also get into some of the rumors that have been flying around including the idea of Steve Nash becoming a Raptor. Jack gives some extensive thoughts on how you should approach trying to sign him, his impact on this roster, how it would impact on the fan base and the risk involved in making this move. We also touch on the evolution of Canadians in the NBA draft and how it is no longer just the Raptors giving Canadians looks anymore. We go way into overtime on this interview and have a look at what could be potentially a very optimistic and exciting off-season to come.

Thanks to Jack as always. It is always great and thrill for me to have him on to talk basketball with. As I mentioned off the top of the interview were having  a Draft Party at St Louis Wings so if you would like to come out and enjoy the NBA draft with yours truly and DNB Staff as well as all of our loyal readers and fans please do. We will be at the 595 Bay St Location just up the street from the ACC. So come out and have some chicken wings and fun with us and see what the Raptors first move will be in an exciting off-season.


  1. What's the one constant in the Raps poor drafting especially in the 2nd round over the years? Jim Kelly. The guy flat out sucks and shoulda been fired years ago!

  2. Awesome interview James and Jack! Love especially towards the end conversation re Steve Nash. I'm excited! :)

  3. The Jim Kelly comment does have merit. Interesting that Ed Stefanski has being doing the media this year. Perhaps he plays a bigger role now and Kelly less.

    Thanks I am hopefully the Nash stuff is not just talking think it could be a huge thing for the Raptors now and in the future.

  4. voice is a tad annoying, not radio friendly at all...

  5. 1) This is the internet not the Radio 2) You stole this comment off the Real GM board 3) I do alright been on the two largest sports stations in this country as a guest on the Radio. 4) Find me a Radio station that is going to take the time to have this in depth a conversation...answer is you won't cause Radio doesn't work that way.

    Last but not least most people found Howard Cosell's voice annoying and he was on T.V. If I do half as good in my career as him I would be thrilled.

    1. Jack's comment regarding what the raptors got for chris bosh being next to nothing is completely wrong.We got back our pick which turned out to be Jonas Valentunias.How quick people forget.