Starting 5 With Ryan Wolstat From The Sun

The hits just keep on coming this week in the Starting 5. We catch up with another one of our regular guests in the form of Ryan Wolstat. We talk all the latest about the Toronto Raptors and all the various options that are on the table for Bryan Colangelo in terms of trade options, the draft and free agency. We both wonder what is becoming of the draft process and the influence that agents have had on it. Even a little NHL Lockout reference and some Soccer references thrown in for good measure. It all starts off with a Birthday shout out for one of my favourite Raptor fans out there. So that gets this episode of the starting 5 off to a very festive start. Don't worry I do not attempt to sing so you do not have to worry about that if that was a concern.

So as we wait for something to happen will keep trying to find good people to talk with to pass the time. Safe travels to Ryan as he covers the NBA Finals in OKC and Miami or Boston as well as the draft in New York. Lots of frequent flyer miles? I already have one half of my finals pick in the Finals will see if Miami joins them and makes me party like it is 2009 when I had Orlando vs Lakers in the Finals.

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