Starting 5: Talking NBA Draft with Ed Isaacson

Now the Raptors prospects in terms of what they will do in this draft is very much up in the air. Just in case the Raptors don't trade all their picks, I thought it would be wise to talk with Ed again this year and get some opinions on the upcoming draft for the Raptors. Ed writes the NBA Draft Blog and has been doing it for the past couple seasons. He also is now doing some work for Slam Magazine online on the draft as well. So he is starting to build himself a resume based on his work in covering the draft through his website. We also get into some past Raptor draft picks and gets Ed's thoughts on how they have or are developing from when they were drafted. In addition one of Ed's favourite players in this draft class is a Canadian. So have a listen as we kick around draft topics related to the Raptors and a little Canadian Content.

 If this was not enough Raptors draft stuff for you, will have more stuff between now and June 28th and Ed will be featuring the Raptors in his blog early next week. Thanks to Ed and we wish him all the best in this extremely busy time of the year for him.

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