Ok, let’s make this clear, I really could care less about how these gentlemen look on the court. To me, no one really cares what you can play like if you don’t know how to properly put yourself together. So, I’m taking “Playoffs” to a whole new level. Mmhm, “Swagger Playoffs”. I’ll be pairing off players based on their style, and fashion choices. Through the process of elimination, I will give you a champion. There is no ring for the winner, not even a Candice Cup, just the respect of a girl that loves basketball, Fashion and Swag!!!
Maybe Next Year Guys?
Kevin Durant: I love the backpack. As a matter of fact, they are ‘back in style’. However, the next time you decide to wear one, please don’t use the front clip.
Rajon Rondo: I appreciate your ‘sporty’ swag. Gentlemen, there is really nothing better than a man who knows how to sport track pants. However, for today, I’m looking for a little more personality.
Chris Paul, and Kobe Bryant: I appreciate both of your class and sophistication. However, dressing outside the box would have made you both perfect candidates.
So that is who missed the playoffs and there is no Swagger Draft Lottery so it is good bye to all of you. Our Final Four consists of two members of the Miami Heat, Some Thunder Up representation without the initials K.D and a Clipper who loves L.A a lot more than D.C.

The Swagger Semis
I heard Westbrook got some heat on his shirt choice during a post game press conference. The only way I can explain this to you, would be to show you. These photos are taken from the male fashion bloghttp://styleguy.tumblr.com/ PATTERN IS IN. Westbrook’s shirt is not a pajama fellas, but rather a very good shirt choice! Some may call his style “hipster”; I call it a sense of individuality. It takes a lot for a man to pull off this look, and I believe he did it perfectly. So, I’m going to bring the heat down, and say Mr. Westbrook I like what you’re wearing.

Now Lebron. Lebron, Lebron, Lebron. If anyone in the NBA understands “Swag” it is this man. I have noticed, especially in Toronto, men are looking a lot slimmer than usual. Gentleman, please stop loosing weight. There is nothing sexier than a larger built man, or a man with muscle. Colour, slim fit jeans, bow ties, and skinny ties still look good on a larger built man. How to achieve this? Tailoring. Once you understand the meaning of tailoring when it comes to a suit, dress shirt, or a jean, your entire look will change for the better. I can promise you this. There is a perfect example of this below. A simple black suit doesn’t look so simple does it?
I do appreciate Westbrook choice of pattern, but the way Lebron puts colour together is key. Remember: When wearing light pants, please, please, please wear a darker coloured shoe. It will ground the outfit. White shoes, and white pants to me, have zero swag.

Lebron James. His versatile swag channels his version of ‘handsome’.


Nick Young, your name really says it all. The meaning of ‘Swag’, well to me, represents ones personality. Swag can be an accessory you decide to wear, or the way you present yourself when you walk into a room. Walking into that press conference sporting a shirt like that, exudes confidence. Who said you always had to wear a tie? Let’s see your personality! Change it up!

Dwyane Wade, you got me at that pink pocket square. A man wearing colour can never be a bad thing… Unless he decides to wear Hawaiian flowers, not in Hawaii. I have seen this happen. I love how he paired a suit jacket with a pair of high top kicks. It brought down the formality of this look. Shoes can make or break an outfit. If Wade wanted to dress up this outfit, throw on a pair of Suede Wing Tips, and bam, you got a whole new look! Versatility is KEY. Ladies, this goes for you as well.

So, Nick Young’s swag gives you a taste of his fun, young, ‘cool’ personality. (Yes, I give you that description with just his shirt choice). However, Dwyane Wade’s versatile style, gives him a sense of sophisticated presence walking through any door. And that is true swag.
Dwyane Wade this one goes to you!

So that is it we have an all South Beach Final. Like I said you can’t get a ring for winning the Heat will have to figure out how to earn their jewelery on the court. Off the court both these guys have time still to step up their game and bring home a different title in “the king” of swag. Will crown our winner before the NBA Finals are done.  

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