DNB Fan Experience: Home Opener

Hey fans!

It's your new DNB community manager, @jeaarr here, excited to start talking about the new season and what you, the fans, felt about the Raptors home opener!

Before I even woke up in the morning, my phone was bombarded with so many tweets from fellow hardcore Raptors fans like @RyanJHTurvey. Everyone was so excited about the game, including me.

It's the start of a new season, a new era, and the beginning of what could quite possibly be a great season for the Raptors. Especially with all of the Jonas Valanciunas hype we've had since he got to Toronto the home opener was going to prove to be one for the fans.

I've been to plenty of Raptors games before but this time I could feel a sort of excitement that far surpassed anything I've felt at past Raptors games. Instead of the usual t-shirts that they place on the seats at the home opener they gave out thunder sticks with lights in them which looked really cool when they turned off the lights as they announced everyone on the team. As each of the players names were announced the one who received the most amount of applause, besides DeMar was Jonas and he certainly lived up to all the hype throughout the game with 12 points 10 rebounds! His first ever NBA real season game and he gets a double double.

Throughout the game there were so many positive comments about the Raptors.

My friend Kassie, on facebook, wrote: "Wow... who are these raptors? It's only the first game but I like what I see!"

To play on the oh so popular Fifty Shades of Grey @allaanmariano on twitter tweets: Aaron Gray with the basket over Hibbert. That's shade 2/50.

@Ahhlekz tweets: Tough loss but the @Raptors still put on a good show - excited for what this season has in store.

The spirit and excitement was so high in the ACC that my fellow #TeamDNB member @Jay_Vonn got into the whole excitement and decided to dance along to Gangnam Style!

In addition to it being the home opener it was also Halloween! There were tons of different people dressed up in costume. I saw a lot of clowns, pharoahs and even one guy who wore his Bosh jersey but covered "Bosh" with "Acy". They even put a little kid in a ninja turtles costume on the jumbotron with a sign that said "Skipped Treak or Treating for this game!" Now THAT is a true Raptors fan, in my opinion.

Here are some pictures I took of fans and costumes at the game on Wednesday and one I took from another.

The last one comes from Candice (@icandikaye) our feature writer for the DNB and former Captain of the Raptors Dance Pak with every ones favourite little Raptor reporter @Kid_Raptor. He is back doing his thing on Kiss 92.5 with his Raptor Reports morning after games.

Even though the Raptors lost in the last 10 seconds of the game, there were so many positives throughout the entire game and every single Raptors fan should be super excited for what's to come!

Don't forget to hit me up on twitter and at the games so we can talk anything Raptors or basketball related and maybe you will end up on the blog too!

Also, Dino Nation Blog is having a party for James' birthday and the blog's 5 year anniversary at St. Louis Bar & Grill 595 Bay St (Atrium) on November 23rd! We'd love to see you there.

- Jerrica of #TeamDNB

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