Injury Updates On Lowry, Fields and Anderson

Here is your medical report on the Toronto Raptors and none of it is particular good. Let's begin with Kyle Lowry.

Lowry he has a bruised cuboid bone in his right foot. The expected time table for his is return is 1-2 weeks. This will leave Jose Calderon in the starting line-up for at least the rest of this week and perhaps longer.

Alan Anderson has a partially torn plantar fascia in his left foot and is expected to be out anywhere from 3-6 weeks as he rehabilitates from this injury. He was replacing Landry Fields who it looks like was the worst off of these 3 injured players.

He underwent ulnar nerve transposition surgery yesterday to address compression/entrapment in his right elbow. The surgery was performed by Dr. Andrew Weiland at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.There is no timetable for a return to basketball activity for Fields. He will be re-assessed in two weeks by Dr. Weiland.

So the Raptors you saw against the Pacers will be the same ones you see for the next little while and the Raptors are very short handed at the small forward position. Linas Kleiza was even banged up icing an ankle but did return against the Pacers.

Wish the news was better but at least Lowry is the least injured of the three and likely the most important to get back in the line-up. 

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