This Week In Raptorland: It All Counts Now

Welcome to your weekly Raptor podcast called This Week In Raptorland. A little later than usual as I was in Toronto with Josh covering the Raptors first win of the season over the Minnesota Timberwolves. We talk a lot of Kyle Lowry not surprisingly given his week. DeMar DeRozan's new contract and if it is a good thing? The trials and tribulations of Raptor rookies Terrence Ross and Jonas Valanciunas. The picks for the week ahead and our announcement which may have heard already through Twitter. That and a heck of a lot more as we go twenty minutes beyond are normal 30 minute time limit this week. What can I say were excited about the new season.

So next week will be giving away some free chicken wings that you may want to choose to consume on November 23rd. That is it for this week.The Raptors are on the road on Tuesday in Oklahoma City and you can go check out the game at St Louis Wings as you can with all of the Raptor games this season. It is a great place to catch a game and they have the sound from the broadcast turned up during the game so you will not miss a thing. 

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