Starting 5: In The Locker Room with DeMar DeRozan

Had a chance to catch up with DeMar DeRozan. We chat on a number of subjects from his new contract to how he is dealing with this tough start to the season. Stephen Brotherston who writes for Hoopsworld joins the conversation as well with a few of his own questions. The fourth one (Audio is low) he asks is about how Raptors have yet to have a night with both DeMar, Kyle and Andrea on clicking scoring wise. In total it is a good five minutes talking with DeMar on how things have been going. Not much has changed unfortunately from when this interview was conducted prior to the San Antonio game on Sunday. DeRozan had a team high 29 in double OT. In Houston last night just 12 points for him.

DeMar DeRozan has been good more nights than he has been bad this season their are few guys on this roster that can say that. Even when we are in the Locker Room Starting 5 is brought to you by the folks at St. Louis Wings. Congrats to our latest contest winners on This Week In Raptorland. We are giving away Chicken Wings in exchange for your topics for our Fan Five Frenzy. Fire us a question on Twitter with #TWIR5 by Sunday at 7pm and if you have the best question or topic of the week that we use than you get yourself a free pound of Chicken Wings from St Louis Wings at their 3 locations that sponsor us (595 Bay St, 528 Young St and Fairview Mall location) Thanks to DeMar for taking the time to talk with us in the Dino Nation Blog.

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