Ranting, Raving and Celebrating..WOOOO!!!

Today will talk a little ranting, raving and celebrating in the DNB.


I see so many fans totally disillusioned by the Raptors start to the season. It is like they are stunned or shocked by this. If you look at things logically and from a neutral point of view the Raptors really have only been a few games off where you would have expected them to be. This schedule was not kind to the Raptors in any way, shape or form. Factor in the loss of Lowry for more than half of those games and Raptors being reduced to their third option at small forward has not been good.

What the challenge is and always was is for this team to survive and make it to January and February where they see more home games and the level of competition drops off. You will point to a loss to the Bobcats and say what about that? Raptors had lost 6 of 7 to Charlotte going in and now 7 of 8 after last night. They currently sit fourth in the East as crazy as that sounds.

As horrible as it has been for Toronto you can take heart in the fact the Raptors are only 3 games out of the final playoff spot currently held by Boston with a 6-6 record. What the Raptors should be concerned about is the fact they are 0-4 vs. their own division with 12 games left to go against the Atlantic. That is my biggest concern early on.


Ranting is not strong enough for the reaction to the officiating in Charlotte. You all are familiar with the story of the little boy that cried wolf I am sure. When wolf really came no one would listen to the little boy’s cries that he had. This is kind of how I feel about this situation.

Raptors fans and even broadcasters have made an issue of this many times. A lot of times this is done in my view with not enough reason to do so. Now you have a legitimate officiating meltdown last night and the weight of that is lost in the constant complaints from people.

Even in that awful circumstance you can say the Raptors could have avoided the problem altogether. Just make a few more free throws avoid a turnover or 30 other little things. If you are going to call bias…I take you back to the flagrant foul call on Lowry in which the refs reviewed and changed back to a regular foul.

Behind the scenes I have heard that Raptors are not happy about calls not going their way this year. If they have constantly been complaining to the league office another of many complaints is not likely going to do any good.

No question the last 28 seconds last night was awful. However, this culture of when the Raptors lose a close game to always point to the refs as the cause is not much better. Also here is something to consider the Raptors got into the bonus in less than 4 minutes into the fourth. Something they never took advantage of long before that ending of the game.


As I have been telling you on Twitter for close to a month we are having a party at St Louis Wings (595 Bay St Location) tomorrow. It is an early celebration for our 5 year anniversary of the Dino Nation Blog. It also happens to be my birthday. So I thought why not have a party to mark this occasion and watch and see the Raptors hopefully win a game.

So this party is as much about all of you that made the Dino Nation Blog into a long term part of my life. So come out and have some fun. If you can’t stay for the entire basketball game it really is secondary. Would love to see you stop by and say hello. This goes for all of you that I already know and even the people I have yet to meet.

I enjoy nothing more than getting to know the people that have got to know me from doing this bog and ranting like a crazy person on Twitter. I am much more chilled out in person. So hope you can make it as the game starts at 7 pm but the party goes till? Who knows.

Last but not least if you live in the U.S chances are you are not coming to our party but I wanted to wish all of you a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING.   

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