This Week In Raptorland: 6 Games Deep

It is another week of This Week in Raptorland with myself and Josh Lewenberg of TSN 1050 to talk about all that is going on with your Toronto Raptors. Including in that some of your suggestions in Rapid Fire Raptors. Also we're allowing you the fans a chance to take ownership of this segment and we have some motivation for you to do so. In addition we talk to Alan Anderson, who unfortunately was injured in the last game after my conversation with him. We have the latest from the Raptors on him and others as Josh tells us news from Raptors practice on Sunday. Including the latest on Kyle Lowry. Our Demar DeRozan Definitely Deadlock Predictions are back despite us both being wrong last week.

We run through the upcoming schedule brought to you by the folks at St Louis Wings. Remember our 5th Anniversary party for the Dino Nation Blog is going down on November 23rd and will have lots of folks out to have fun with us. Former Captain of the Raptors' Dance Pak and our Feature Writer for the DNB Candice will be in the house along with a bunch of other folks that are friends of the blog. We hope that includes you. So come out to 595 Bay St Location and have some fun with us and celebrate as we watch the Raptors and Pistons.  

I referenced an article I wrote on the whole Vince Carter situation earlier in the week. It was in the Bleacher Report and if you missed it go give it a look.Get your thinking caps on for next week and best three topics will give away a free pound of chicken wings for our sponsors at St.Louis Wings. It would only be for at the three locations we mentioned so make sure you live in the Toronto Area if you want to win the prize. If you just want to contribute a topic anyway just let us know your not entering the contest.

If you have been listening to the podcast from the start we thank you. If you are liking it please let others know about it and help us grow our audience. It has been a lot of hard work but is rapidly becoming the highlight of my week. Thanks as well to Josh for coming on board to do this with me each and every week.

Update 2:30pm Monday:  Just some notes looks like Alan Anderson might be not as badly injured as first thought and suggested in the podcast. While Kyle Lowry had an MRI on his right ankle according to some reports on Twitter. Making my optimistic hope he might play tonight go up in smoke. Fields, Lowry and Anderson will all not be the line-up tonight vs Utah.

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