Raptors Feel Robbed In Charlotte

Ramon Sessions says Toronto is a game the Bobcats can win. Evidence supports the claim as the Cats have won 6 of the last 7 vs. the Raptors. Was it smart to say that though? Not really. So will see what happens from Ric Flair country…WOOOOOOO!!!!! Let’s get it on in Charlotte.

Jonas opens the scoring for the Raptors coming off his second career double-double last night in Philly. An odd stat the Raptors three wins all come on the second night of a back to back situation like tonight. Bargnani gets a two and Jonas get his second bucket as the Raptor bigs having their way with Raptors up 6-2. Make it 8-2 with a rare drive and slam from Andrea Bargnani.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist drives the heart of the lane gets a score and draws a foul on Jonas. Raptors clearly had a game plan to go at the Charlotte bigs it looks like as Bargnani with another basket. DeMar DeRozan becomes the first guy under 7 feet tall to get a score for the Raptors. Kyle Lowry back in starting line-up and contributing hitting a three making to give the Raptors a 17-9 lead. A Bargnani airball almost acted as a sign the Bobcats would make a push and they did to make it 20-16 Raptors with 2:49 left in the first.

Terrence Ross with a rare moment of brilliance in his young career with dunk in transition that looked very nice.  Bargnani gets the hook for not boxing out and Ed Davis happy to take the minutes and gets 2 to make it 24-18 Raptors. Walker got a bucket and wanted the and one and instead got teched up for his trouble. Raptors make the tech and lead 25-20 in the late going of the first.  Ross took a three but missed it so much for brilliance. Picks up a foul on the other end of the floor and wipes that away quickly.  Cats make both and Raptors can’t get anything out of final 11 seconds in fact they turned it over but did not pay the price leading 25-22 after one.

Ross and DeRozan with some high flying stuff but the Cats go on a 6-0 run and Casey is furious and calls a time out with Raptors lead down to 1. Bobcats would take a lead I believe their first of the night it was short lived as DeRozan replied on the other end for Toronto to make it 31-30. Cats took another lead and Lowry with a three would again nose the Raptors ahead by one. Cats keep coming though led by Kemba Walker out running the field and built a five point lead. Raptors battle back and Jose Calderon gets a three to make it 51-50. Jeff Taylor answers back with a three to restore the Charlotte lead 53-51. Lowry with a long two with one second left in the half ties it at 53.

Lowry made an impact at the end of the half and throughout with 16 points to lead all scorers in the first half. Fitting that Lowry starts the second half with a triple, to give the Raptors a one point edge after a Charlotte score to open the half gave them the lead.  Raptors get on a roll and extend the lead to 61-55. Jonas adds to that with his second basket in a row to make it 63-55. Raptors start the third on a 10-2 run and Cats call a timeout with 8:47 to go. Couple Kemba Walker baskets with Kidd-Gilchrist steal in between them get the Cat back to within 4. Raptors called a time out but it didn’t help as the Cats kept clawing and scored the next 6 after the time out to lead 71-69. These seem destined to go the wire with Cats leading 75-74 after 3.

Cats again take charge and go on an 11-2 run to open the fourth and lead 86-76. Raptors continue to struggle as Jose turns it over and DeRozan is called for a clear path foul. Calderon tries to make up for his blunder with a three to cut the Charlotte lead down to 88-82. DeMar has had a rough night not getting any calls to go his way and just 8 points with a basket to cut the lead to four.  He also has 5 turnovers on the night as well. DeRozan hits another and gets to double figures and this is a two point game. A bobcat with a turnover and some nice ball movement leads to a wide open jumper for Bargnani at the top of the key. Time out Bobcats tied up at 88 in Charlotte. Charlotte would end a 9-0 run for the Raptors. Jonas would get a score to keep this game tied at 90 now. Jonas than gets a key defensive board closing in on a double-double with 16 points and 9 rebounds. Bargnani would turn that board into a three and Raptors had a 17-4 advantage to give them a 93-90 lead. Raptors than get tagged with a flagrant foul on Kyle Lowry on Ramon Sessions. I think Refs might read the internet. Sessions was the guys saying this was an easy win for Bobcats. It would be changed back to a regular foul after review with 2:41 to play. Sessions makes both and all even again at 93.

DeRozan can’t get a call all night but does here and gets the bucket and makes the and one attempt. Jonas gets that tenth rebound and Lowry tries to give the Raps a real advantage with a three but he misses it. Walker matches DeRozan going right at Jonas and making the basket and drawing the foul on Jonas his sixth to end his night with 16 and 10 with 55.5 seconds left in regulation. He would make the and one and it was tied at 96. DeRozan back at the line and misses first makes the second. Ramon Sessions has a shot play around on rim but eventually falls to give Bobcats the lead 98-97 with 28.7 to play.

Raptors had about four chances to score on a couple of them it looked like DeRozan could have been given a foul call but was not. Ball ends up out of bounds with about 6 seconds left and it is still Raptors ball. Lowry has a shot blocked out of bounds with 3.4 seconds left now. Bargnani shoots an airball and he thought he was fouled. No call coming and Bobcats move to 5-0 in games within 4 points.

Cats steal this one 98-97 normally I am not one to get on this whole blame the refs kick. However that last 28 seconds was at the very least suspect. It still counts as loss though and Raptors fall to 3-9.

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