DNB Top 10: Ways To Cope With Raptors' Losing Streaks

Let’s face it losing SUCKS. In 5 years of doing this, there have been many losing streaks to endure.Today in the Dino Nation Blog we offer you 10 tips to survive Raptors' losing streaks. So, if your ready let’s go.

  • #10 Take like 3 hours get off Twitter go take a walk in the park.
  • #9  Make a friend that doesn’t have any interest in basketball
  • #8 Avoid any channel that could play the Andrea Bargnani Primo Pasta Ad
  • #7 Play NBA 2k13 and build a SUPER RAPTORS team that can’t lose
  • #6 Focus on whatever the thing is you enjoy second most in life (Note: if that is being a Leafs Fan this will not work or a Hockey fan)
  • #5 Write an angry letter to Bryan Colangelo. Sending it to him is optional.
  • #4 Not for Me- But Go Workout burn some of that anger off.
  • #3 Play a Video game where you can beat someone up or blow something up (More for Guys)
  • #2 Anything that makes you laugh can do wonders
  • #1 Consider moving to Oklahoma City.

Some of those are serious and some not so much. In any case in times like these I really appreciate your support. This is a daily grind for me and I totally understand that some people need breaks when times get tough like this. However hang in with us in the Dino Nation Blog.  I do my best to keep you entertained and informed regardless of the Raptors record. Sadly, I have become pretty good at keeping things entertaining in times like this. 

One of the reasons I keep doing this is the great spirit and humour that so many of you have that cheer for the Raptors and support this blog. A joke on twitter, a kind word from someone saying they like something I have done goes a long way at anytime but even more in times like this.

I truly feel for fans that had high expectations for this team. You all deserve a team that wins. I hope that I am still here for that day. It would be nice to not have to work as hard to make folks smile.

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