The Losses Are Adding Up

Last night was one of those games that speaks more to your attitude about the Raptors than anything. The Raptors played without Kyle Lowry, who is listed with a sprained ankle and his status is up in the air but it is thought to be not that serious. Time will tell on that, will have to wait and see.

The Raptors without Lowry got off to a terrible start defensively as they did the night before with him in Oklahoma City. They would fall behind double digits and despite a run near the end still never really came close to winning this one. The Raptors gave up 36 points in that first quarter and despite out scoring Dallas by a slight margin in all three other quarters went down to defeat 109-104.

The Raptors had serious issues stopping a Mavericks team with no Dirk Nowitski or Shawn Marion. In watching this game you never really got the sense the Raptors would win it. At least I never got that sense maybe you did? 

If you just looked at Andera Bargnani’s stat line you would say he had a bounce back night. But not really, as there was no consistency in his effort at all on his part.  He also while scoring and actually racking up a rebounding total with 9 rebound and 25 points was abused on defense. Raptors tried going zone at several point last night to compensate for some defensive woes with Bargnani and others on display. Also he was still 0-5 from beyond the three point line.

Jonas after scoring 18 in Oklahoma City was in foul trouble in Dallas and only registered 4 points on this night and 5 fouls in just over 10 minutes on the floor.

The Young Onez both put up solid numbers, as DeMar had 24 points, but the exciting news came with tying a career high in assists with 7 and 6 rebounds while getting to the line 10 times making 8. Amir Johnson  had a double-double with 18 points and 11 rebounds which was a bright spot. 

Alan Anderson continues to out perform Landry Fields. In fact, hard to think of anyone that isn’t out performing him at this point.

In the end last night was one of those games that you just can’t have if you are serious about being a playoff team. The Raptors did fight back after showing no fight in OKC. That would be great if this was last year. It isn’t last year and the expectation level has changed now.

When you examine the Raptors schedule they could dig themselves quite the large whole if things do not change fast. Raptors are already at 1-4 and nothing but playoff teams from last season on the horizon. 

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