Raptors Get A Win They Needed At Home

I will leave most of my thoughts on tonight's win for TWIR (This Week In Raptorland) tomorrow.But the Raptors do what they needed to do and honestly had to do with getting a win over the T-Wolves. Kyle Lowry on T.V or in person just dominates your attention. News that Steve Nash may be out a month for the Lakers and Lowry the "Plan B" for Toronto is playing like an all-star through three games.

You know who isn't playing like an all-star? Andrea Bargnani. While DeMar DeRozan after a pretty crazy day on opening night with signing his contract just prior to season opener, has now had two back to back solid outings after that shaky start. The guy who's contract I am worried about is Landry Fields not DeMar DeRozan. Fields has struggled to do much of anything.

As for Jonas after an impress debut he has learned that life in the NBA for a rookie is a nightly challenge. Teams seem to target him and see how he responds. If he does they will just pass it do whoever Andrea is guarding. I am half kidding about that. It will be a process and it will take time.

It was a sluggish first half but the Raptors were able to show they can close out a game. Obviously no Rubio and Love and this Minnesota team is shell of what it is suppose to be. Still that is life in the NBA. No one took pity on the Raptors without Bargnani most of last season.

Raptors hit the road as they face OKC on Tuesday election night in the U.S and next night in Dallas against the Mavs it will not be easy in either case. That is what made a win tonight vital.

Raptors take it 105-86 and get their first win of the season. Lowy and DeRozan lead the way with 22 each in this one. Andrea was 4-16 and just 10 points.

NOTE: TWIR will be up late in the afternoon as we normally record it on Sunday nights but with the game that was not possible. 

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