Raptors Get Routed In A Red State?

I know that many Raptor fans are like myself and consider OKC their 2nd team to root for. The James Harden trade shocked the entire basketball world. His start in Houston might be almost as shocking but actually does make a little more sense. His now former team has limped out of the gate to start the season. A loss on opening night to the Spurs by two points was nothing to be ashamed of. They would bounce back and get an easy win on their home floor over Portland. What concerns you is they than a couple days later lost to the Atlanta Hawks in OKC.

If you’re a Raptors fan this might concern you more. After all the Thunder rarely lose at home in general and to lose two in a row. This is at least for the Thunder we knew heading into this season. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the fans in OKC. They are perhaps the best in the NBA.

The Raptors for whatever reason have had some limited success over the years against OKC. Some of that has do with the Fact Kevin Durant missed a couple match-ups with the Raptors in which they took advantage of. This was a few years ago however and Russell Westbrook has improved by leaps and bounds in that time.

That said both will be playing tonight. The match-up between Lowry and Westbrook should be fun to watch. How the Raptors stop Durant is another matter altogether. This screams a problem for Toronto and likely is the major reason OKC should win this game going away.

If you have one eye on the Raptors and one eye on the U.S Election this game may lose your attention fast. After three games where they have been close during most of the night this game promises to be an OKC bounce back blow-out. It also will be the third time in a row the Raptors will be on NBA-TV tonight in the U.S. Not sure how the ratings will go for that given the election. This game was picked by the fans likely more to see OKC than anything else.

If you missed it yesterday we shared our thoughts on TWIR, on this game and the entire week ahead for the Raptors which includes a stop in Dallas tomorrow and a return home to face the 76ers for a rare Saturday night match-up at home.

The Obama vs Romney election should be closer than this one. Although we can guarantee you a result tonight, in the OKC vs Toronto game. The election maybe not.

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