Love Is In The Air

Chris Bosh (Dallas Morning News)"But I love Toronto. And Toronto loves me." -For the rest of the article click here.

Raptor fans might have hoped for next line to read. So, I am staying in Toronto and I am going to be a Raptor for life. It did not say that but it seems that Chris Bosh is very happy with things these days. He has his Bosh Twitter Army that is now 50,000 strong. The team Bryan Colangelo is building around his star is looking pretty solid as well. On Monday we should know if Jarrett Jack his college teammate from Georgia Tech will be on board. According to David Aldridge on NBA.com it is not know if the Pacers will match as of yet. Given the state of economic of the Pacers and the fact they signed Jones it would seem unlikely.

The Raptors next one Demar Derozan had a game high 20 points to help the Raptors even their summer league mark at 2-2. Holly Mackenzie was in the house and checks in on The Score with her recap. I tried to live blog this one and it was not a shining moment for the Dino Nation Blog. Technical issues and a pretty awful game even for summer league did not help. But if you came out for that or the live chat yesterday afternoon thanks to you. Roll the highlights courtesy of NBA.com. Note the "HEIR CANADA" Reference!!!

Raps vs Suns- Boxscore

So the Raps close out vs the Bucks today. If you have not been adventurous in hunting down feeds or paying 15 dollars U.S to NBA.com. Raptors T.V is starting to re-air summer league games. I personally have said this for years that Toronto should have coverage the Knicks get at summer league through MSG. They do summer league right. No reason that MLSE can not do the same for us Raptor fans. Yeah it costs money but they have money let's go. If they use the economy as the excuse what was the excuse 5 years ago?

Carlos Delfino according to some reports wants 5 million? No thanks I will pass if that is true. Get Von Wafer, Matt Barnes or Kleiza on the phone. There is an advantage in resigning Delfino as the Raptors hold his restricted free agent rights but that does not mean they should feel they have a gun to their head to re-sign him. If Carlos does not like that he can try his luck with Memphis,Clippers or Charlotte. Ask AI how much fun an option that is. There are also reports that Delfino may not be at 100% with some issues with his shoulder.

Raptors close out Summer League taking on the Bucks @1pm Vegas time, 4pm Local T-Dot time. If they get a win the Raptors will close summer league with a winning record of 3-2. Sure it is only summer league but it is nice to hear winning record and Raptors in the same season.

Speaking of Nice to hear. Alvin William was on the Fan 590 last night on Prime Time Sports. Here is that link to that interview with "Boogie" Williams. Here is a link to that.

Lots of warm and fuzzy feelings in Raptorland. It is great to have some positive vibes around the Raptors these days. It sure is a lot better than the summer I expected.


  1. Great blog DNB as always! If I may be so brave to comment, I'd like to mention if Raps fans closely listen to Bosh's comment when talking about the possible lower cap for free agents after next season (http://bit.ly/10PTt4 Courtesy of ESPN @chrisbosh). "..Let's think of the cap going up..", says Bosh. IMO it seems like Bosh is trying to remain positive in that cap salaries will go up so that other elite teams can make him offers he cannot refuse. I have a feeling no matter what BC does to improve this team, he would rather go Stateside for popularity gains. Bosh seems like the type of person (again, in my opinion) who would like to be the most famous NBA player in the league. Is it just me thinking this?

  2. Only Chris knows for sure, but I will say this he does understand the value of being the biggest thing in basketball in Canada as the top dog on Raptors. Short of Steve Nash he is the biggest name in this country. If $$$ is what Chris wants the most still will be with Toronto. Besides the fact he is on ESPN really is being in Toronto hurting him in media exposure at all?

    In all honesty I think by being on the Raptors in a strange way it helps him. He is the biggest American star in that country to the north. If he signs elsewhere he just another on of many NBA All Stars that live south of the 49th.

    Bottom line is the odds of Bosh staying are on the rise and in his own words he said the odds of him staying in Toronto were good. He said that at the woodbine event in which he also stated he was not going to seek an extension. Time will tell. But indications seem Chris is pretty happy in Toronto. He just wants to win and who in the Raptor fan base does not share that desire?