It Costs A Lot To Look That Good

Yesterday, was a basketball junkies delight in the Toronto area. The Jays did not trade their star pitcher and The Leafs did not sign some 4th line guy that can win a hockey scrap. So that made the Raptors signing of Jarrett Jack get a lot of love. Colangelo still has a few thing left to do. It will be interesting to see what he does. I am not on board with signing Carlos Delfino for some stupid amount of money. Yes 5 million for a guy that is coming off a season with injuries in Russia is to much. The Raptors could afford to spend that much cause they have the room under the tax threshold, along with the Bird Rights to Delfino. However, Colangelo did make reference to the expected decline in the cap next year. Which would also mean a decline in the tax threshold as well. Which may mean the Raptors will not use the full space available.

Carlos Delfino for my money has grown in stature by being away for a year. Not saying the guy is a bum or anything. However is he really a vital piece this team can not live without? He was said to be that grit that was missing from the Raptors last year. However has Bryan Colangelo not already done a fine job of addressing that issue? Reggie Evans, Wright, Jack and DeRozan. That is a quarter of the Raptors dressed roster on a given night. He is a streaky shooter and a better than average defender. I would be happy to welcome him for the right price. However just because we hold his "Bird Rights" is not reason to over spend on him. If he is concerned about money he can go back to Russia and have it. I think it was fairly obvious that he did not enjoy his time in Russia.

The Raptors could still sign someone at the veteran minimum and I would be just as happy. Brent Petway who was on the summer league roster is more athletic and is a solid defender as well. He does not over the versatility of a Delfino nor the shooting skill in comparison. However we are talking about a player that would be on the back end of the rotation. If not Brent I am sure there are lots of other options you could bring in for that veteran minimum contract.

There is also the talk of Rasho Nesterovic coming back after a year in exile in Indiana. Rasho has a soft spot for the city and his first child was born here. The talk would be that Raptors could use the Bi-Annual exception to land him. That is 1.9 million more or less. In NBA terms chump change. A far cry from the large contract he had when he was here before. There is far less room to negotiate with Rasho. If he wants to come back to Toronto he can for that amount. He does like Delfino have options in Europe at likely a better pay rate.

The bottom line for me on both is sure it would be nice to have both back. It also seems pretty clear that is these are the first options for Bryan Colangelo as well. However if they do not come back it is far from the end of the world. The major work on the turnover of this team has been done. If the Raptors go elsewhere to fill out the roster it would not mean a heck of a lot. In terms of Delfino to over pay for him would have long term impact on the cap that may not make it worth the bother.

Even though I am happy with what Bryan Colangelo has done. 53 Million and 50 Million for Turkoglu and Bargnani are both risky contracts for me over the long haul. I will say, in terms of Bargnani it could look like a steal as well, it is all up to Andrea. Some say even the number for Jack is on the high side as well. I am not among those. If you have not understood how vital the point guard position is after last year, there really is nothing more that can be said to convince you. But the point is the Raptors if they stick to the MLSE credo to remain under the tax threshold they are walking a very fine line. If this team is successful people will not worry about these things for the next few seasons.

There is also the reality the Chris Bosh will need to be addressed and it seems clear that he should command somewhere close to a max deal. If he has a season that is on par or better than his career numbers. So enjoy the present but always remember that there is a future to deal with as well. No one expects the Raptors to win a title this year do they? It is about growing over seasons and building to that level. The key thing that Bryan has done in terms of re-signing Bosh or not... 4 of the 5 starters for the Raptors are locked in stone for the next 3 years at least. If Bryan Colangelo wants it to be.


  1. Based on the title of the post, I thought you'd be talking about Colangelo's attire. Dude is always dressed immaculately. Swoon.

  2. LOL yeah that is true but it cost a lot for Carlos to make that hair look so nice. I base this on females opinions. I personally do my own hair with Clippers (Not L.A) and shave away my hair.

  3. Great read James. It looks like its starting to make a nice discussion piece at RF this afternoon too.

    Cheers brother

  4. I chimed in on Raptors forum. I think people forget I am member over there.

  5. good stuff. I still don't fully understand the fascination you have with petway though. don't get me wrong, great athlete, but I'm not quite sure he's someone the raps could use, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

  6. How much is Delfino worth to the Raps? A 9 & 4 wing, who can have big nights. I agree with your assessment that he won't likely be missed.

    Right now he looks to be Hedo's backup for 12 minutes a game. And be Hedo's injury insurance.
    But is he really going to give that much more than Wright? By all accounts Wright played well last year in Dallas and gives the Raps a decent back-up wing player. (Plus Raps already got 3 other guys in the rotation at the 2,3 spot - figuring in 12+ minutes for JJ. at the 2 - just how far can a coach stretch the 96 minutes a game between 4+ guys)

    Maybe BC should just bring back Joey for the minimum (based on SL, I'm not sold on your boy, Brent - but for a 3rd stringer? - not very concerned either) I like the idea of saving some room for next years FA crop.

    Logic says Delfino should just take his big pay day in Russia and try again in a couple of years - unless, maybe, he's concerned about getting paid over there?

    I hear your concern about the big contracts, but I think BC has bought talent this time as opposed to rewarding success (Like JYD and Company got).

    Here's hoping BC manages to find an announcement a week into August - It's way too long until training camp!

    Keep up the good work!
    Enjoying your blog.


  7. I thought the post was about the Erin Andrews story, but I guess that doesnt really have anything to do with the Raps

  8. Erin Andrews has never covered a Raptors game that I am aware of. That is a terrible story though. There are some really screwed up people in this world.