Raps Win First Hedo Turkoglu Bowl In Vegas

The Summer League Raps were playing in what the Dino Nation Blog has claimed to be the Hedo Bowl. They would come out on top as they did in getting Hedo Turkoglu on their Roster. Demar DeRozan had 15. He looked good and not out of place a bit. Holly Mackenzie caught up with Demar prior to the tip of this one check out her 1 on 1 with HEIR CANADA!!! Why Heir Canada? It was one of the nicknames Demar tweeted for fans to decide on. He was a Vince Carter fan. Just like we all once were. But it is time to bury V.C and let Orlando worry about him. So the Heir to the Air Canada throne is here. Besides I was listening to a business report Air Canada could use the mention.

Quincy Douby lead the Raps in scoring for the 3rd game in a row. This should prove to all that if you are threatened to be traded to Memphis it can be highly motivating. We should have done that to Joey Graham 2 years ago. Oh well you live and you learn. Raptors win it 92-87. Oh and if you thought I was going to write about summer league and not mention Brent Petway...You have not been reading lately. I am really happy a lot of you have become fans of Brent. He really makes it easy to cheer for him. The dude is talented. He scored 11 and was 5-7 with a steal. Almost tore down the rim to end the half. Air Georgia is a new age version of the human highlight reel as a dunker. Which was one of his idols coming up in Georgia. For all the Rest check the boxscore.

Raps 92 Blazers 87

On the down side today also proved just why the Raptors NEED Jarrett Jack. Roko is just not consistent enough to be trusted and at least for me has not shown the type of progress I would like to see. What Jose Calderon did from year 1 to year 2 is rare and as you watch Roko stumble along you realize that.

So RAPTORS WIN RAPTORS WIN !!! I am GOING TO PIZZA HUT!!! I mean Pizza Pizza don't want to pull a Brock Lesner.


  1. Jose Calderon was essentially already a veteran when he came to the Raptors, whereas Roko is very young. I think his shooting progress is fabulous and he is progressing. By the time he is 26/27 he should be a valuable backup at least.

  2. still hating VC huh . DeRozan is not gonna be the reincarnation of VC in TO no matter how hard he tries !