Smile...The Future Is Bright

If you have been not watching summer league you have been missing out on the birth of Heir Canada. That young man smiling in the photo is Demar Derozan after a Raptors 85-84 win. The photo is from @_Chaun(one of my followers on Twitter) who happened to snap the moment as Demar was being interviewed post game. Get to know that smile and that face Toronto because this kid has some serious game. The highlight of the day for me was an amazing put back thrown down that left me jaw on the floor. He also had a dunk that many didn't see live as the feed was down for the first half of the game. Chuck Swirsky who is Vegas tweeted that Demar is the real deal. He even gave him a "that was sick wicked and nasty" tweet. Chuck still keeps tabs on the Raps and he was impressed along with pretty much everyone in attendance. It was another 20 points for the young and talented DeRozan. But it would be Quincy Douby, who under the radar has been having a great summer league, who would hit a shot with less then 2 seconds to go.

My Man #14, Brent Petway was putting in work as well with some solid plays on D. One block set Demar Derozan up for the easy score on the break. It was a nice play. Brent thanked Raptors and the fans on Twitter and there is an outside shot he may end up in Toronto but will see what happens. He was happy to get a chance to show his skills. Something that by his tweet did not happen with the Grizzlies last year. I hope for Brent it is enough to get him in the league. I would prefer with the Raptors but just hope he gets a chance somewhere.

So that is all for summer league, will break it down more in next few days, but basically the guy smiling at the top of this stole the show. The other person smiling is Bryan Colangelo and along with him soon should be every Raptor Fan. This from the fashion file 10 jerseys in Black,Red and White are going to be all the rage in Toronto this fall. You can take that to the bank.

Boxscore- Raps 85 Bucks 84

One last thing the Bucks prior to this game were a perfect 4-0 for what it is worth.


  1. I love Brent Petaway too, I hope he is in the league next year

  2. How about some love for QD.

    We may actually have a 3rd string PG that we're not afraid to put in the game!

    And what's up with Roko? He didn't play today? Hurt, or is he just playing that poorly?


  3. How well does performance during the Summer League indicate future performance for the upcoming season?

  4. wipe that smile off your face ,rook. it's only the suumer league.
    derozan is heir canada ? what if he is a bust ? err canada !

  5. Wow so cold. Hey I understand it is summer league but if the kid did bad people would be hammering him would they not. I think it is a good first step and like what I see.

    As for the nickname it was one of several Derozan presented he has heard from fans that he likes.

    I like Heir Canada and have written the reasons why in the blog.

    Let's give love when it is earned.

    Roko was not good and read the blog I worte today for Douby love.