Bad Moon Rising In Raptorland As Good One Rises For America

Before we start talking basketball today. It is a truly exciting on this historic day. I set my alarm clock to wake up early. I wanted to get this blog written to watch the history of Barack Obama being sworn in to be the 44th President of the United States of America. It is well known the connection he has to basketball. However this is bigger then sports and perhaps bigger then anything I have seen in my lifetime on this earth. If you can watch this event you really should. This is something, that will become part of the shared culture that we all share as people. I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Obama he has a much harder job then any g.m or athlete faces. The hope we all have is that he can bring the change he promised not just to America but to the world.

CB4 Directs Frustration At Moon

I made note of Chris Bosh and his displeasure with Jamario Moon at the end of yesterday's game. In fact that displeasure would not be restricted to the floor. Here is what Bosh is quoted saying in the Toronto Star:

Chris Bosh-"Watch the film. He gives him a straight line to the basket," said Bosh. "Joe Johnson. All-star. Whatever you want to call him, one of the best players or two-guards in the league and you give him a straight line? You can't. That's the mental thing we are talking about. We're up by two. If he hits the jump shot and you contest it as good as you can what are we going to say? But don't give him a straight line drive. He's too talented for that. He's too good for that and that's what made me upset."

That speaks to what I saw with I my eyes watching. Moon would get tagged for back to back fouls. On both times, Moon would get blown by and forced to foul. Moon on the second foul was laughing a bit and had a smile on his face. That is the happy go lucky nature of Moon. I can not recall a time I have seen him with an angry look on his face. However the camera would cut to Bosh who had an angry stare locked in on Moon. This was before Jamario decided to jack up a very ill advised 3 pointer and everyone collectively was he was wrong. Now Bosh was not blameless as he to would make a turnover that was costly.

I think Bosh is right though to call out Moon as some are saying he did. Moon has made silly mistakes and not been the player he was last season. Bosh is growing more and more frustrated in general with a season gone wrong. Who can blame him to be honest with you. He will not be all that happy with what his G.M was quoted as saying as well. Colangelo was suggesting that he was active but it could take until the actual deadline for something to happen. That could be just talk to quiet the trade rumours about Jermaine O'Neal and Shawn Marion.

Still when all is said and done I think we can all understand the frustration of Chris. Things may not get any easier as well because I think for the first time in a while you may have to be concerned about him being an all star. That may be the ultimate slap to his face of how bad this season has gone. It will be extremely interesting to see what is to come over next month. I will be here. But a much different thing happens today. So if you are Chris Bosh or just a fan of his, even if your not. Like it said off the top, watch Obama become President. It is history that extends far beyond sports.

This is what today was all about:

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  1. Finally, we are seeing Chris Bosh the leader. This is what he needs to do. When he sees what's going wrong he has to call those players out. And he has the right to. He's the only one putting up consistent numbers and he is the true leader of this team. We've brought in veterans in the past to do just this, and it worked. When Charles Oakley and Antonio Davis were on everyone's ass for messing up we had a great season. They were great players, but not the leaders of the team. It was Vince who never said a peep. Chris Bosh has the credentials to chew people out. As a leader you can't be worried about making friends, they'll love you when you're playoff spot is secured.