Raptors Rewind- The Buck Doesn't Stop Here Edition?

So the last time Raptors won 3 games in a row it was a win over these Milwaukee Bucks to start the season as 3-0. Things since that time it has been tough times for Raptors. But a couple of big wins and a whole lot of new questions have started. None of which involve the Raptors being in the NBA Lottery. So the Bucks will be taking on the Raptors and may be with out a very big man in there line-up. Andrew Bogut has a bad back and is listed as day to day. Should he be out it will be a much tougher challenge for the Bucks to deal with Bosh and Bargnani. Andrea has taken off since Jermaine O'Neal went down and he was inserted into the starting line-up. The trade talks have died down and Bryan Colangelo in an interview on the Fan 590 today said that he has not been looking to move Andrea. He said they get many calls that come in about his availability but that they have not made any calls looking to move him. So I guess the folks like me will not be happy about that. However if Andrea could continue to play like this no one myself included would want to trade him. The fear now becomes is what will happen once J.O is healthy. But the first issue will be prior to that if Bargnani can continue at this pace for the next few games. The same applies for the combo of what I have called Soloic. That would be Will Solomon and Roko Ukic for those who did not read yesterday. They need to do there thing as well. Both Jose Calderon and Jermaine O'Neal did not make the trip with the Raptors.

1st Quarter

The Raptors win the opening tip and went to Bosh would would draw a foul. But the Raptors would misfire on the inbound play. The Bucks would take down the floor and score with a dunk in transition. Jamario Moon would answer on the other end with a basket. Chris Bosh was able to hit a jumper to give the Raps their first lead of the night. Some sloppy play by both teams and it was ugly looking. But a steal and Will Solomon hooking up Jamario Moon for an alley opp would end the ugly for a bit. The Bucks would respond with a bucket that was answered quickly by Chris Bosh. Another Buck basket and quick Bosh answer and it was 10-6 Raptors early on still in the 1st.

Chris Bosh continued his hot start with a basket plus a foul that he would make. Raptors lead was 13-6 with just over 7 minutes to play. Andrea Bargnani had a block and was doing nice on defense despite he had yet to get going on the offensive end. Will Solomon would make a long lead pass to Anthony Parker who would draw a foul and get to the line. He would split a pair as he was coming off his best performance of the season yesterday against the Magic. Andrea Bargnani would get the offense going as Bosh kicked it out to Andrea that would nail a 3 pointer. Bucks would finally get a response with a basket that looked like it went in off a Raptor. A.P would score in response and it was 19-8 Raptors. The Bucks were shooting 1-10 for their last 10 attempts. That is 10% for all you math majors out there. Andrea made his way to the line and drained a pair of free throws. Michael Redd would get a drive and score but it was the Raptors leading big time early 21-10. Redd was fouled on the drive and added the free throw so make the Raptor lead 10. Michael Redd would get to the line again fouled by Jake Voskhul who had checked in and already had 2 fouls. Redd would make both. Roko Ukic was also in and he would find Andrea Bargnani would would make another 3 pointer and the Raptors lead was 24-13. Redd was driving and scoring at will as he had another drive and score and had brought life to a lifeless Milwaukee offense. Jake Voskhul would get hooked up by Andrea Bargnani for a score. Milwaukee would get an answer and cut the lead down to 8 despite shooting 36% for the quarter. Raptors lead after one 27-19.

2nd Quarter

The Bucks continued to struggle with a miss on their first trip of the second Quarter. Kris Humphries was in and he would get a dunk. Roko Ukic would follow that with a nice reverse lay up. Charlie V would have an answer for that with a jumper from the top of the key. Ramon Sessions would get a score. The Charlie V would hit a 3 pointer and the Bucks had a 7-0 run going. Time out was called with 8:49 left in the quarter. Jason Kapono would score out of the time out. Bucks continue to fight and got back to down 6 points. Kris Humphries answered the call with a big hump slam. Joey G would show is dunking skills which were a bit different from Hump and Raptors lead was back to 10. The Bucks continued to try to get back in the game and cut the lead down to just 4. The Raptors were able to keep the lead and build the advantage back to 10 with a 48-38 lead.

But once again the Bucks would start to push back and Micheal Redd hit a 3 pointer and the Bucks had a 5-0 run to get the game back to within 5 points with the score 48-43. Redd had 14 correction make that 16 as the Bucks run continued and the Raptors lead that was once 13 points had been shaved down to 3 points. The Team U.S.A Team Members Michael Redd and Chris Bosh were leading the way for their teams. Redd with his 16 points and Bosh was 7-8 from the field with 15 points. It was the Raptors hanging on to a 48-45 lead at the half.

3rd Quarter

Raptor hung tough and were able to hand on to the lead but just barely. Raptors were shoot 12% better than the Bucks but 7 turnovers and some costly offensive boards and it was just a 3 point lead. But Chris Bosh was having a big night and it continued to start the second half. He would score and get fouled but miss the free throw. Michael Redd was just as good for the Bucks and he scored and Bosh answered. Another Buck basket by rookie Mbah a Moute and a Michael Redd 3 ball and the Bucks had taken the lead. But Andrea Bargnani would answer with a 3 pointer and it was the Raptors with a 55-53 lead. A.P would extend that lead with a 2 ball from the corner. Another difference from the Orlando game was Will Solomon who had 9 assists but was 1-8 from the field. His 9th assist was a feed to Bosh who was looking to be on the verge of a big night. Andrea Bargnani was having a good effort as well as he made a 2 pointer and followed that up with another 3- ball and The Raptors had once again built the lead back to 9 points with the score 63-54. Jake Vokhul was excited on the bench about that one. Holly Mackenzie in her game notes from the home stand made not of Voskhul's cheering ability on the bench. A cheerleader on the bench and a tough as nails guy when he is on the floor. Reminds me a little of the J.Y.D. I don't think Voskhul has a dog pound but he is growing a fan base.

Charlie Bell would score for the Bucks out of the time out. Chris Bosh would miss only his second shot of the night. He would get tagged with his third foul on the other end of the floor sending Elson to the line for a pair that he would make. Raptors would lead by 6 points with score 64-58 there was just under 5 minutes remaining in the quarter. Charlie V would get a bucket with the mid range jump shot. He would have another chance to cut the lead to just 2 but would miss badly. Anthony Parker would score on the other end. Michael Redd would come down and knock down another 3-ball and it was a tight 66-63 lead with just 2:59 to play in the quarter. Bosh out of a time out would get the ball from Ukic and drive on Elson and draw the foul. He would make both. Bosh on the other end would get a defensive board and it would lead to Joey Graham getting fouled by former team mate Charlie V. Joey would split a pair. The Bucks would get a score on the next trip down and the the would score again all thanks to Ramon Sessions and it was a 69-67 lead for Toronto. Roko Ukic would get a basket and it would extend the lead briefly till Michael Redd answered. Raptors had been making turnovers as well. Charlie V would drive at Bosh and get the score and the foul which he would make and the Bucks lead 72-71. Another turnover late almost cost the Raptors and in fact it would as Jason Kapono got called for a foul after the Raptors had thought the quarter was over. So Michael Redd would be heading to the line with .5 second on the clock for a pair of free throws. He would make both and the lead for the Bucks would be 3 with the score 74-71.

4th Quarter

Raptors had only their second 4th quarter comeback of the season yesterday against the Magic. The lead was just a one point advantage. The Bucks only had a single possession lead as well with a 3 point lead. Raptors were shooting 54% but had 12 turnovers and those were the reason the Raptors trailed. Raptors would not get a basket on their first chance of the 4th. Charlie V was becoming a factor on the glass and in the game. He would get on the glass for an offensive rebound and score for the Bucks. Michael Redd would score as well and the Bucks lead was 78-71. Andrea Bargnani would score a 2 point effort. But Charlie V would nail a 3 pointer and he had 17 off the bench for the Bucks. Andrea would match the 3 ball with one of his own. Roko Ukic had a basket and the Raptors trailed 83-78. Roko Ukic was coming up big in a 4th quarter again. He would get another score plus a foul shot to come.

Roko would hit the free throw and he would make it and the score was 83-81. Ramon Sessions would score and Chris Bosh who was back in answered that with a basket and he had 25 points. Charlie Villianueva was hustling and got another bucket working the glass. Anthony Parker would score in response. A steal right after his score and he would hook up Roko Ukic who would get credit for the basket on a goaltending call. The score was tied at 87. But the Bucks would score to take back the lead. Mbah a Moute would get called for a foul on Bosh and he would step to the line looking to tie the score. He would only make 1-2 and it was 89-88 with 6 minutes left to go in regulation. Bosh would have a pass stolen but the Bucks could not add to the lead. Roko Ukic would also turn it over but again the Bucks miss a chance to extend the lead. Chris Bosh would make them pay.Raptors now had taken the lead 90-89. But Charlie V answered for his Bucks with a basket. Roko would get the ball to the franchise player always wise. Bosh would get fouled and was back to the line. He would again only split a pair. The game was tied at 91. Bosh would grasp a key defensive board and the would turn into 2 points for Jamario Moon with a jumper. A Bucks turnover and Will Solomon who had checked in for Ukic made a big basket with his foot on the line so it would only count for 2 points. But it would extend the Raptor lead to 4 points with the score 95-91 with 2:39 to play in the 4th.

Bosh and Bargnani had combined for 50 points to this point. They would likely need a few more to win. Luke Ridnour who had not scored all night picked a key time to make a 3 pointer. Chris Bosh would end up back on the line looking to get 2 back for the Raptors. He would make both this time Raptors lead 97-94 with 2 minutes left to play. Charlie Bell would hit from the corner for 3 points and we were tied at 97. Will Solomon would miss a jumper and the Bucks would catch a break as Elson had dribbled the ball off his foot. But the Referee said it went out of Will Solomon. The replay would show the Ref was wrong. But that is not something we use replay for in NBA. Charlie V would make good on the gift and score. Solomon again would shoot and miss and you have to wonder why he would take that shot with Bosh and Bargnani having big nights. Luke Ridnour would make another clutch 3 pointer. The Bucks had a 5 point lead not with just 34.1 seconds to play. Raps would get it to Bargnani who had a look for 3 but he had his foot on the line and missed anyway. Ramon Sessions would make a pair from the line and the Raptors chances seemed lost. Bucks had some good luck and great performances from Redd and Villianuea as well as two key 3-balls from lucky Luke. The Raptors continued to misfire and foul. The final score would not reflect how close a game this was as the Bucks would win 107-97. Milwaukee who sits in 8th spot in the East now had a 2.5 game lead over the Raptors for that final playoff spot. Bosh had 31 and Bargnani 21 but Redd had 35 and Charlie V had 25 and they were the winners. For the rest of the stats check out the boxscore brought to you via The Score.com

Bucks/ Raptors Boxscore

So at least Canada won a gold in hockey so not many will notice that the Raptors lost a game in the closing moments. But the diehard Raptor fans will notice and they will be very disappointed. Raptors will try to regroup to take on the Wizards on Wednesday.

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