The Round Ball Review Is Reborn

Hi folks I am not sure if you have seen the Raptor Blog News that Scott Carefoot has been doing over at Raptor Blog. I have become a fan of them. They are for sure PG-13 rated at least but a good laugh for sure. I decided to use the idea for use here at Dino Nation Blog. Some may recall me making reference to my old radio show The Round Ball Review. Well is was a segment of a show called Jock Talk actually. I decided to restore that show in this cartoon like format. The host of the show is J.B Superstar which was a nickname I had on my college radio station I worked at. The co-host is Joey G. No not Joey Graham but a Joe that was my co-host for the actual round ball review for a couple years. I am not sure if these guys are anything like us but they at least have our names. I hope you enjoy this first episode of the show. I had a lot of fun making it. They will pop in once in awhile to fill in for me and give us all a laugh hopefully.

So that is a wrap for today I hope you enjoyed it. I had an article to get submitted for the Industry Magazine and was on the Radio in Montreal this morning so I wanted to have a little fun in doing the blog so I hope you enjoyed this and I will try to do a few more as the season goes along. Maybe the guys will work on the weekends and give me a bit of a break. Talk with you folks tomorrow as the Celtics take on the Raptors.

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