Don't Look Now It's Superman Landing In Canada

So both J.O and Jose Calderon are not likely to play this afternoon. The Raptors would be hard pressed with those guys in the line-up and without them it would seem very unlikely the Raptors could win. This is also the front end of a back to back for the Raptors as they will be taking a plane to Milwaukee after this game to face the Bucks on Monday night. The Magic have only built on the success they had last season. They did suffer a blow recently losing there major free agent signing from this offseason Mickael Pietrus. But the Magic have seen improvement from Jameer Nelson who showed his skills last season in the playoffs against the Raptors. In a series that he was suppose to be the 3rd best point guard in it he was the best. Check out how Jameer has been doing this year below with his NBA.Com widget:

But when it comes to the Orlando Magic it all comes down to the man that was once called the man child and he is now known as Superman. Dwight Howard is good friends with Chris Bosh as the two got to know each other when Bosh was a freshman star at Georgia Tech and Howard was a high school stud in the Atlanta area. Check out why some folks are talking M.V.P for Superman. But just like his Magic he is not talked about enough:

He and Bosh compete on the floor and they are going to go at it on the web as well. Dwight Howard has been working on build a website that can match his friend Bosh. We all know about www.chris-bosh.com but now there is www.dwight-howard.com There is a lot more to be excited about for Howard right now. Chris Bosh may have overshadowed him at the Olympics in China. But now in the 08/09 NBA season Dwight is getting the attention. He is going to defend his Slam Dunk Title and his Magic are rolling 9-1 in their last 10 and 12-4 on the road this year. They are 3rd in the Eastern Conference and have a 4 game lead in the once laughed about Southeast Division over the Atlanta Hawks.

Bosh meanwhile will need to call upon some of those great performances he had against the Magic in the past. In fact prior to the Playoff series last year Bosh was always getting the better of Dwight Howard. So much so that a lot of Raptor fans wanted to face the Magic in the first round last year. After game #1 in Orlando not a lot of folks still wanted too. The Raptors and Magic already have faced each other this season on November 18th. It was in Orlando and the Magic won fairly easy and if memory serves me correct Raptors were with out Jose Calderon for that game as well. You can check if I am right and look back at my thoughts back then in the Raptor Rewind. What I do know for sure is that the Magic won 110-93.

So the Raptors second win in 2009 will be hard pressed to happen on this Sunday Afternoon. Thinking the Bucks will be an easy win not so fast. Bucks are 6-4 in their last 10 and have climbed into 8th spot in the Eastern Conference. The also have a respectable 10-5 record at home. So it will not be easy. But nothing has been this season for the Raptors.

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