Raptor Rewind- Game Notes On Bulls And Raps

Raptors Rewind in it's normal format is written as the game is going on. That is why sometimes the title does not always jive with how the game went. It is more about the story heading into the game. But tonight I was working for The Score live blogging some NCAA ball. Duke who is number 2 in the country(U.S.A that is) was able to find a way to beat CB4's former school Georgia Tech 70-56. Andy Rautins son of Leo and the Syracuse Orange got crushed by rival Georgetown Why am I talking about the NCAA so much? Well based on the result of tonight's game it might be a good idea to start scouting for the draft. Given that the game was on TSN 2 I decided instead of bothering to hunt down a feed. I just listen to Eric Smith and Paul Jones on the radio. So in knowing the result I thought I would watch just make some notes as I watch the game in an hour. So with that being said here goes my notes on the Raptors and Bulls.

1st Quarter.

  • Raps get burned for a very easy dunk defense fast asleep on the play.
  • 2 nice back to back buckets for A.P
  • Terrible effort on the board Bulls had 3 chances to score and should have
  • Wide open look and a three for the Bulls, how many times have we said that this year?
  • Impressed with speed of Bulls and ball movement was helping them get easy hoops
  • Andrea keeping Raps in it off to a good start, While Bosh and his jump shot need some time apart
  • Bulls more aggressive and get rewarded with easier scoring chances
  • Only thing stopping the Bulls was there own odd missed shot or occasional turnover
  • Jose is on Bench watching on. Where is J.O? More on that tomorrow
  • Roko is making impact more and more each game
Score after 1 was Bulls 27 Raptors 18

2nd Quarter

  • Nocioni makes a nice shot he is one of the guys in those rumours out there
  • J Moon with Nice Basket and foul
  • Nice looking display by Andres he makes another shot
  • Bosh scores in paint and draws a foul
  • Derrick Rose is fast and drives to hoop with ease for a lay up
  • Bosh gets hacked with no call but makes it anyway. Not an excuse but can Bosh get some calls
  • Bulls all over the offensive glass it is called boxing out Toronto
  • Nice Block by Moon he doesn't do that enough this year
  • Bosh making good effort despite his early fouls, leading Raps Back a Bit
  • Bargnani takes Bosh feed and gets an open look from 3 that he nails
  • Terrible miss by Roko costs Raps as Bosh got his 3rd foul
  • Bargnani is Hot....Another 3 ball
  • Will Solomon make a bucket and steal and assist in that order
  • Bargnani when he is on is truly deadly
Raps on Strength of Bosh and Bargnani have a 48-47 halftime lead.

3rd Quarter

  • Bargnani in post still a work in progress
  • Nice idea on look for Bosh but stolen away next time Andrea
  • Better defense to start the 3rd
  • Chris Bosh is not the problem as he has 17, make that 19 as he schools Noah but foreshadows something later that I did hear.
  • Andrea learns from mistake earlier with a solid basic post move
  • Follow that up with a nice jumper and Bargnani was really on a roll
  • Jamario Moon cherry picks a lot for a guy that is suppose to be out there for D and Rebounding
  • Defense for both teams leaking badly
  • Remember when you were excited about Joey Graham, Well remember who told you so
  • Bargnani is just a different guy it is flat out that simple, showing all his tools
  • Even a few new ones getting on the glass with a put back?
  • Close game remember that improved defense? Forget about it
  • Roko is going to great a new PG debate sooner than later. Ukic vs Calderon and I think I am picking Roko, This kid gets a shot of any kind and look out he will be amazing

4th Quarter

  • Signs of 4th quarter free fall were evident early
  • Bulls getting easy looks like they had in the first quarter
  • Rose is heating up and knowing the ending this will continue
  • Bulls had excellent ball movement and spacing
  • AP shows flashes of his former self but not enough
  • Big 3 ball for Will Solomon
  • Rose making it look all to easy.
  • Bargnani solid drive and score, already had a double double
  • Raps get bailed out by rebound on ugly miss by Will Solomon
  • Parker stepping up in the 4th
  • To much helping not enough guarding- result open look for Ben Gordon
  • Rose is abusing Solomon
  • Rose was having it easy where is Jake Voskhul to knock him on his ass
  • Parker was great in the 4th
  • Foreshadowing explained- Bosh had a chance to beat Noah again but Noah remember first time and didn't bite on pump fake and blocked Bosh game over
Bulls Win and Raptors season is on the rocks and if it was an election it would be time to consider conceding. 8 games below .500 and off to face the Pacers who had T.J Ford back and beat Detroit in OT. Raptors lose 102-98

Boxscore- Raps and Bulls

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