The First Dino Nation Blog Of 09

Well it is 2009 and if you did to much partying last night I have a tip for you. Drink Gatorade it will help make that hangover feel a bit better. I use to swear by it when I was younger and had done a little to much drinking for my own good. I woke up today and turned on CNN. They had a story about a guy that is predicting that the United States of America will break apart in 2009. I don't think I will have anything that bold or crazy for you today. But it is that time of year to make New Years Resolutions and predictions for the upcoming year. So let's start with some predictions. Some for the Raptors and some for the NBA. This is just some logical guessing and you can take it as seriously as you care to choose.

Predictions For Raptors in 2009

  1. This will be the last year for Anthony Parker and Joey Graham. I think by the end of this season Parker will be traded or if he lasts he will return to Europe for the 2009/10 season. Joey Graham meanwhile will not be resigned with the Raptors and some team will get sucked in by his flashes of brilliance and sign him and he will become another team's problem.
  2. Andrea Bargnani will be traded. I know he scored 26 points last night and played really well. But unless these nights become the norm and not the exception I think Colangelo will have to accept that Andrea is just not going to succeed in Toronto. It is just a question of if that takes till the offseason to happen.
  3. The Raptors will miss the playoffs. I know it sucks to admit this at this point of the year. But with 50 games remaining I just don't see any reason to think the Raptors can go the rest of the season at a pace of 6 to 10 games over .500? I just can't see that happening. They even sometimes lose the odd game they should win and have not been able to beat anyone that you would consider to be a playoff team. I hope that I am wrong but I fear that I am right.
  4. Colangelo will hire his guy. Unfortunately for Jay Triano he will not remain as head coach of the team. I have no doubt he will be offered a position in the organization. Maybe he will take it or maybe Steve Nash will look to get him brought in down in Phoenix as he has not been happy and Triano even as an assistant may help that situation be better.
  5. Chris Bosh and the 2010 conversation will become the major issue of the year. Bosh technically could sign an extension in the summer to remain in Toronto. He won't do that not because he hates Toronto or does not want to play here. He will do it because it is the right thing to do for him to get the best deal possible.
NBA Predictions
  1. Lebron James will win the M.V.P not a very bold prediction but hey who is going to stop him. The talk of where he will be in 2010 will continue to grow and build. Along the way he will sell tons of stuff from his shoes and everything else. If there is a recession proof athlete his name is Lebron James.
  2. Back to Back Slam Dunk Crowns for Superman. Dwight Howard may not win that M.V.P that I had predicted for him prior to the season. But the dunk contest is no problem. I believe in Superman. His team is pretty good to and you need to beware of the Magic.
  3. You won't see a Lakers vs Celtics re-match. I know it seems like it is heading that way again but I am going to play the field. There are some teams that could spoil the party and I think one of them will. Cleveland and Orlando at the top of that list. Finally the shoe would be on the other foot and K.G would cry. Kobe also has a tough road in the West. It just doesn't happen very often in sports anymore that 2 teams can return to a final for a re-match the next year.
  4. Sam Mitchell will be hired for a job for 2009/2010 and he will be a success.
  5. Barack Obama will be at the opening game of the NBA season and throw up the ceremonial opening tip.
The Dino Bloggers Resolutions

  • To continue to work hard in the coming year and bring more people to the Dino Nation Blog to help us gain more info and insight into the great game of basketball
  • To continue to try an improve in every way to make the Dino Nation Blog even better by next year at this time
  • To find more ways to make you feel a part of the Dino Nation Blog and grow the amount of people that are part of it.
  • Never to forget that I am a fan as much as I am someone that is covering this team and game.
  • To try to open doors and support others trying to do the same
  • Ultimately to be the best Dino Blogger I can be.
Sure I could have said things like stop smoking and other things. I am far from a perfect person. But the key about resolutions and goals is to make them realistic. I could have also put to have an exclusive interview with Chris Bosh. I mean sure if that happened it would be fantastic but I just continue to work hard and hope for the best. It has been an amazing ride doing this up to now. I have long given up trying to predict what will happen for myself and this blog. It continues to amaze me each day. I thank all of you for the support in that past and hope to earn it in the future. If you have predictions or resolutions you are welcome to share them in the comments. Have a great 2009 everyone and I hope you will make this blog a small part of that each day.

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