Raptors Rewind- Bucking Game Notes

As the title suggests I know the result of this one. My only question heading into it was did the Raptors play as bad as the Sacramento Kings. The Kings were truly brutal as I was live blogging their game against the Bulls. I actually did two games as I did the Celtics and Pistons in the first game. I will be live blogging the Raptors and Magic on Super Sunday. Given the result of this game I got to say it is pretty awful without even seen this game yet. Still I am going to watch the game in an hour and experience the pain at a faster rate. So with that I will leave it to my notes to tell you my thoughts. I did hear about J.O getting kicked out on his bobblehead night at least that is reason to keep watching.

1st Quarter

  • Can't get use to those red Buck uniforms and Bosh starts us off with a missed jumper
  • Charlie V always good against the Raps
  • Nice move by Bargnani in the post
  • Jose and Parker hook up for nice score (8-8)
  • Parker has really come back strong of late nice shot from Parkerville court.
  • Does Scott Skiles ever smile?
  • Bargnani with pretty move in post again high off glass
  • No box out at all Bogut gets easy put back
  • Bargnani is hot open 3 that he nails. 13 in the first wow
  • O'Neal steal leads to nice score for Kapono
  • Charlie Bell is under rated player. I like his game
  • Jamario Moon shows some flashes of Jamario Version 0708
  • Good effort first quarter. I am pre-warned it goes wrong starting now
2nd Quarter
  • Can't fault defense on that first bucket for Bucks
  • Sessions to Charlie V wide wide open
  • Joey Graham getting on glass that is a good Joey characteristic
  • Ramon Sessions is a real nice point guard and getting better all the time
  • Bogut does nice job in post
  • Turnovers bad, open jumpers are worse ( Bucks 41-34 )
  • Bargnani draws the charge good job. Bargnani defense is getting better all the time
  • Bosh makes a score, But next time turns it over. You see the frustration
  • Charlie V gets open look in lane- Dude where is my Defense?
  • Bogut on Bosh advantage Raps
  • Turnovers continue oh wait we kept that one my bad
  • Parker missed a very difficult fading jumper
  • Pretty move by Bosh to score and draw the foul
  • I still hate RJ. Always will.
  • Charlie V needs to think ever team is Raptors and he would be an All Star
  • Bosh needs to drive more, pump fakes are cool and all but drive it man
  • AP gets 3 shots that I am guessing he made never see free throws on Game in an Hour
3rd Quarter
  • Well first half was far from great but Raptors were in the game. So this is where it gets bad right?
  • No aggression on close outs on shooters. This is a big game hustle
  • Both teams start COLD
  • NO THREES JAMARIO. I am tired of it make or miss I hate it
  • Nice D by Bargnani
  • Charlie V wide open Bosh far to late on close out
  • It is raining 3's I still hate R.J
  • Calderon shooting less and he makes one (2-6 - Sam Mitchell wants more shots)
  • Charlie V is a very motivated young man against red and white
  • Bucks abusing the Raptors badly Bucks up 11, Defense is fast asleep, Triano pissed off and who can blame him
  • Offense bad, Defense is worse.
  • Crowd getting restless and rightfully so Raptors 2-11 for the Quarter.
  • AP makes a basket. He has been perhaps best scorer for the Raptors of late.
  • Pretty passing from Bucks but no finish
  • JO thanks for showing up on your bobble head night. his first 2 points in the third?
  • Bargnani after great start has been handled by Bucks
  • JO took that jumper from CB4 playbook
  • Charlie Bell is a good shooter and is like I said under rated
  • Good adjustments made by Skiles and Bucks were very good in third. Raps equally as bad
4th Quarter
  • Saw a Gilbert Arenas Ad, he was great when he use to play in the league. (Nothing to do with game )
  • J.O got to line
  • Jeffferson I STILL HATE U
  • Bell is good defender too
  • Joey G watches ball pass him by. Can't blame him not like people normally pass to him
  • Bucks hustle and get offensive board. Charlie V follows shot
  • Jefferson is seriously killing us
  • J.O should only get paid for half this game this one
  • Easy look for Charlie V in post
  • J.O called for a charge and gets teched up. Can't show up Refs even if they are wrong
  • J.O did lead with his knee and that is why the charge. If that was the reason he did do that.
  • Raps down 15, If J.O had this fire earlier it might have mattered
  • 3 big line up, I am with JVG I hate this line up
  • Raps getting some energy from it though
  • Jose trying to win the fans back on Raps side, He missed his first free throw of the year
  • I am glad that streak is over I am sorry it just didn't mean much to me like 3 point streak.
  • So this is where all hell breaks loose I think
  • Bodies every where and Charlie V is a really tough guy getting held back
  • J.O vs Charlie V in a fight J.O would kill him.
  • Raptors showed flashes of effort but they needed much more than that.
  • Give Bucks credit they wanted this game and it showed
Well it was really not the effort you would hope for from this basketball team. This is why I have not held out much hope for this Raptor team to make the playoffs. They just can't seem to string wins together and it is going to take that kind of string of 5 or 6 wins to truly get back in the race. It could easily be the start of another long losing streak given what lies ahead on the schedule. If J.O leave him whacking Richard Jefferson will be my favourite J.O moment. I don't know if I mentioned it....I HATE RICHARD JEFFERSON. Lots of Raptor fans hate V.C well that is pretty much how I feel about RJ. If I was Bryan Colangelo this game tells me that it is time to consider being a seller and set the plan in motion for next season and try to save your franchise player from leaving. It seems clear this team just does not have what it takes to fight and get back into the race. Superman is coming on Sunday and I bet the Magic remember what happened the last time they came to Toronto. I know if they have forgotten, Stan Van Gundy will be happy to remind them. That is bad news for the Raptors.

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