Court Surfing In Dino Nation Blog With Randy Urban

Last week we had D.J Bennett stop by to talk about the Raptors. His partner on The Score on the website and holding things down on the Court Surfing live blog is Randy Urban. Randy is also involved behind the scenes with the funny stuff you see from Gerry Dee sports reporter. We have a interesting chat about the Raptors talking about the things that have not gone so well for the Raptors. We talk about the Bosh and O'Neal relationship, Jamario Moon and his struggles, The lack of a true back up point guard and what can the Raptors do to find the answer at the wing spot. That and a lot more in this conversation

I talked some NBA ball with both Randy and D.J and I will be putting that together on the weekend in written form. look for that over the weekend. Thanks to Randy for stopping by. He is also helping me get in touch with some other folks from the Score to come by and visit us here. It should be fun. The more folks we talk to the better. The Dino Nation Blog is proud of the long growing list of guests we have and it is great to make them all part of our family here. Thanks to Randy for his time and I look forward to talking with him in the future as well as D.J.

Here is the latest work of both Randy and D.J talking trade rumours:

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