Celtics and Raptors Part 4

Before we get talking about tonight's games some important news and notes about the Dino Nation Blog over the next few days that will have an impact on things. Right off the top there will be no Raptor Rewind of tonight's Celtics and Raptors games. As my two little animated helpers have been telling you I will be live blogging the game for The Score. So you are welcome to check that out and come be a part of the fun.

The Score - Raptors and Celtics Live Blog Link

It says it starts at 7:30 pm but I will likely show up and get things going like 15 minutes early to allow you folks to take part before the action gets going. Also After Midnight I will be posting the interview I did with Chuck Swirsky. It is in all audio format and in it you can here Chuck's Thoughts on the following topics:

  • The Raps Early Struggles
  • His Thoughts on Derrick Rose
  • What Does The Swirsk Think About 2010
  • His Return To Toronto
  • His Thoughts on Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin

It was great to talk to Chuck. I know I have had issues with some stuff in how he called games. But as a person you will not find a better person and proof of that is he was willing to talk with me. He was first person I ever interviewed in the Raptors media a long time ago. He was always helpful and kind and remains the same way to this day.

The only other thing of note is there will also be a delay of Raptor Rewind for Wednesday's game for the Bulls. I am going to be doing some more live blogging for The Score on a college game between Duke and Georgia Tech (CB4's Old School) so it will not be possible to be in two places at once. Also that game is a TSN 2 game that makes it even more complicated. I will do some kind of a summary when I get a chance to watch the Game in an hour on Raps T.V. So that is about all for news. I am doing a third game on Saturday if you are a fan of NCAA ball I will link you to that later in the week.

In Case You Have Not Heard

It was being reported last night that Jose Calderon and Jermaine O'Neal would not be taking the flight to Boston with the Raptors. Given how Jose was performing yesterday in trying to guard Rajon Rondo that may not be a bad thing on his end. When it comes to Jermaine O'Neal some have wondered where he has been. He is still around and has been getting re-hab during games. I heard the first mention of a return date for him being Wednesday against the Bulls. But when it comes to injuries it is all guess work. The reason for the delay in his return was said to be some unwelcome swelling in the good knee. That is right this is on the good knee the right one not the much talked about left one.

Nathan Jawai has been seen working out and getting ready. Doug Smith in the Star was suggesting the Raptors are in no hurry to get Jawai in the line-up. But I am sure that Nathan does not share that opinion. I am going to attempt to talk with Aaron Fearne next week and get an update on how Nathan has been doing. One of the question I will ask is if there is any thought of Nate going to the D-League as part of him working back into shape. It would seem like a good idea to me. I am on an island with this opinion but I really think Nathan Jawai could have had an impact this season. But his heart issue have made that seem unrealistic at this point. But he will be an impact role player once he gets rolling. I just feel really strong about this.

I Was Painful Right

Yesterday I had major bad feeling about the Celtics game and I was proven right. I had two big concerns and they were the key factors yesterday. Rajon Rondo I felt would really have a huge advantage and if Jose played it would increase that advantage. Sure enough Rondo was unreal. He just could not be stopped and the dunk he had in that game was like a huge explanation point to that fact.

You may remember when we were getting the season started on of the fantasy games I was taking part in was the Pick One Challenge that has you pick one player each day and you get his numbers for your fantasy points. Guess who I picked yesterday? Ray Allen. I just knew based on the history and if Rondo was going to do what I expected then Ray Allen had a chance to have a huge day and he did.

In fact he was feeling so good that he was having some fun in the locker room after the game. I will let Holly Mackenzie's story from Court Surfing explain.

Dino Blogger On The Air Waves In Montreal

I was happy to be a guest on CJLO on the Show "Off The Bench". We talked a lot about the Raptors and a little bit some things around the NBA. If you want to have a listen check it out.

Dino Blogger on CJLO

So I have been keeping busy. I recently wrote an article on Chuck's Return to Toronto and talking about the whole conversation about Chuck and Matt Devlin. You can read my thoughts on all of that over at T.O Sports. I also have submitted my story over at the Industry Magazine. That will not be out till February in that Article I talk about the idea of Toronto as a future host for the All-Star Game. In it I have quotes from Jack Armstrong, Eric Smith, Scott Carefoot and Chuck Swirsky on their thoughts on the impact an All Star Game could have on Toronto. As we get closer to All Star Time I will write something on the topic for the Dino Nation Blog as well. I'll link up the Industry Article when the magazine is out which I believe is at the start of February.The Industry is a Urban Culture Magazine that looks at night life and the whole scene that is the T.O. Lisa and her whole staff over there are great to work with and have made both myself and basketball feel welcome in their magazine.

So please if you are able to come pop in on the live blog tonight do so. You can find the Live Blogs for not just the NBA but all kinds of sports on The Score.com and it is part of the Score Mobile as well if you are not able to watch the game and have an Iphone or Blackberry or other tech toys you can tune in and keep up to date with what's going on. On a date or with the family? Just sneak off to the bathroom and get an update on the game. It can be our little secret as long as your family and friends don't read the blog which I wouldn't like personally. The Dino Nation Blog can always grow bigger and it can start with you by telling a friend and so on and so on. There was an ad like that for hair colouring or something. Anyway see you at the live Blog and tomorrow the Salami and Cheese and Chuck Check in at the Dino Nation Blog. Well Chuck does there was no Salami and Cheese used in this interview.

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