Jack Armstrong Mid-Season Chat With Dino Nation Blog

Jack Armstrong is one of my favourite guests to have in the Dino Nation Blog. Since we have started our chats he has starting doing his own blog. It is part of the list of sites we have over on the right side of your screen. He also hosts his radio show and is on Hoops when he is in town. In short he is a very busy guy. I am always happy to talk with him for the Dino Nation Blog. Today's interview takes a look back and look forward at this Raptor season. It is an interesting 15 minute chat we have that talks about a number of issues. Jamario Moon and the Raptor wing spots. Bryan Colangelo and the overall outlook for this team. As well as a look at what has gone wrong and why. It starts off with a little fun as well. Given the Raptors recent struggles we can use that. So with that all said here is my interview with Jack Armstrong from earlier today in Chicago.

We talked before we got started and he has yet to hear anything in terms of movement as relates to Jermaine O'Neal. Reports were out this morning that Raptors and Heat had been exchanging medical records. But as of 10am Chicago time there was no news to report.

I thank Jack as always for making time for the Dino Nation Blog. He is one of the most straight forward guys you will find in the Raptors media and I have always respected in honesty in talking about this team be it here in the Dino Nation Blog or any of the other many places you can hear Jack talking about the team.

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