Raptors Rewind- No We Can't Game Notes

So I was doing my live blog thing for the score so I was not able to catch this game and in fact I missed the first quarter even on Raptors game in an hour. But I did hear how this movie ends so I will just take some game notes on what I am able to watch. J.O was out there which means the trade is not going down tonight. Nathan Jawai would actually get to debut too. To be honest that is likely on reason I am watching. I was surprised to see the Raptors lead after 1 quarter though. But in the first 5 minutes I have seen so far the Raptors have blown their lead. No shock in that. The rest will be just point form notes.

  • So Raps are up 32-31 as I check in late
  • Jamario Moon takes a 3 and makes it and I wish he had not
  • Bargnani travels for all his improvements drives still look strange and out of control
  • The big 3 line up YIPPIE
  • Bosh win lose draw he gives all he has
  • Pistons have take control and lead by 3 at the half ( I know where this goes which makes that all the more depressing)
  • I dread watching this 3rd quarter
  • Nice jumper for CB4 only down 3
  • A fading lane duck jumper for AP does not fall
  • AI as Piston looks odd but him scoring on Raptors not so much
  • Sheed misses an open 3 pointer something tells me those will fall later
  • Bargnani is 3 of 12? That can't be good
  • Rodney Stucky I love why can't we draft someone like that?
  • AP good job on defense but then misses on other end
  • Joey G gets his lick in on Wallace. That would be a good fight
  • Moon another jumper does he ever drive anymore?
  • So far so good Raps still down just 4....Maybe it will change in rewind?
  • Maybe not AI for 3
  • Ok here we go the Pistons are on 7-0 run
  • I feel for Bosh he is doing his job
  • Andrea with a basic post move but effective
  • Kapono a rare 3 ball from him but Raps still down 10
  • Bosh lots of jumpers not to many drives
  • Raps just can't play D flat out
  • Did I just here Matt Devlin say Pistons shot 70% in that quarter? Wow
  • Ok I am officially sick of Jose Calderon kid ad, It was funny first 100 times though
  • J.O is back in and seems to be lumbering up and down the floor
  • J.O has 11 but maybe he was better earlier cause I'm not seeing it
  • Raps playing zone and they still can't get a board come on
  • Nice Block by J.O, Andrea converts a shot the other way from 3 point range
  • A bad miss on a hook for Bosh, Kapono an even worse miss
  • It's tough to watch Jay Triano, I wanted him to do well but I just can't find evidence to make the case
  • Transition defense for Raptors is a problem I'll make a note of that
  • This just in Joey G fans, The bad Joey is back in a big way
  • Moon is making shots but I don't care DRIVE THE BALL
  • Big Nate can set on heck of a pick brighter days are ahead
  • Well I saw it, didn't really need to because I have seen the movie and can tell you all the lines.
So that is 7 straight loses and this team is just finding new ways to lose. Well actually they are not they are losing in much the same way. It is one of two ways. They play against a good team and get beat down. They play a lesser team and lose late after having a bog lead. On a rare night they will do that with a good team. But this was not one of those nights. If what Colangelo says is true about a deal is not likely till the deadline this is going to get worse before it gets better. Calderon returning will help the offense but he is not going to help the defense. In fact that could get worse if that is possible. If you don't have TSN 2 it is rapidly becoming a blessing despite that fact it sucks. I am talking to a number of folks over next couple days maybe they have better answers. Randy Urban for The Score, Jack Armstrong and hopefully Paul Jones will all be popping in to visit and add if nothing else a different prospectives to what is becoming a horrible season.

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