Raptors Ready To Roll Finally?

I have to admit that Jose Calderon was fantastic last night. He looked healthy as well which is perhaps more important. I would also like to thank Tyrus Thomas for being a bone head. When you are an under achiever and have done next to nothing in the league. It might make sense not to get in the face of a 6 time all star even if he is on the decline. He sparked J.O and this entire Raptor team along with him. Thomas by his bone head actions got the Raptors to come together and play tough. That might have been the most shocking thing of all. Raptors have had losing streaks and had players come back, what I can not recall is a game that they played though. They fouled people and made them earn it from that line. They were scrappy and into it like I have not seen in a long time and perhaps never from this group. The Raptors have long been labeled with the tag of being a soft team. Last season in match-ups with the Atlanta Hawks they allowed them to take liberties that I would argue cost the Raptors a successful season. But instead of getting pissed about the Raptors would turn the other cheek and not fight back. Last night the Raptors did fight back and in the end crushed the Bulls. It makes you wonder if it was mirage or if it will be the start of something?

Raptors Must Win Next 3

Must win is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in the sports world. In theory ever game is a must win. That is the object of the game to win. Recently fired Chiefs Coach Herm Edwards said it best as coach of the Jets:

But another football coach once said this:

But the Raptors Still have a shot at the Playoffs Right?:

But maybe if we practice hard right AI?:

Or Maybe you were expecting?:

But these next 3 games are huge because of the four that follow. Speak up now if you think the Raptors can beat the Lakers? How bout the Cavs? Hornets anyone? Oh but we did beat the Magic I am sure they forgot about that though we can get them. If the Raptors are going to keep any playoff chances at all it will take 3 more wins simple as that. The Kings, Nets and Bucks are all teams that we can beat and must beat to have any chance at all. Perhaps some motivation is in order.

Not exactly what I had in mind. We need a role model:

I agree Charles you are not. But hopefully we have all learned something from all of this. The road for the Raptors given the hole they have made is going to be a long and hard on with very little room for error. Hope you got a kick out of our little You Tube assisted edition of the blog today. Just Remember this:

If the Raptors can play the game like they did last night they will be better. The simple reality is they have to play that well to have any chance.

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  1. Awesome series of videos. That AI practice one from Philly is just priceless.