Round Ball Review Vlog On The Road To Boston

Well that was not a fun outcome today. But hopefully the latest episode of the Round Ball Review will give you a chuckle. J.B and Joey have been sent on assignment to cover the second half of the home and home series with the Celtics. They decide to send in a Vlog. I have become a big fan of the ones Paul Jones and Eric Smith do and I figured why not have my new animated staff members give it a shot. Here is Joey and J.B from parts unknown on the way to Boston.

So that is it hope you enjoyed. I attempted to get some feedback on how people like this and people seem to enjoy it. So I will try and keep the guys busy giving us all some laughs. It is free for now so that fits right in with the Dino Nation Blog budget. But I think it goes pretty well regardless of that. Thanks to Scott Carefoot who got using this program and made me aware of it.

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