The Start of The End Of 08/09 For Raps?

After A lose to the Bucks and 4 of the NBA's toughest teams to face on the horizon is it all but over for the Raptors? Even Chris Bosh has said that this team is running out of time. If they were to lose the next 4 games it would maybe not official eliminate the Raptors but it would be hard to make the argument otherwise. If Bryan Colangelo approached the trade deadline thinking his team was a seller who could blame him? The Raptors also face the Spurs prior to the All Star break. That would make it very easy to see this team lose 5 of 7 heading into the break. First game after the break is against the Cavs so it could be 6 of 8. You smell what the Dino Blogger is cooking? It is not good and in fact it stinks. However for the long term future of this team it maybe the right thing. This team can accept it's fate that this has been a season that has gone wrong and look towards the 09/10 season to get it right. They better get it right as well if they want to ensure that Chris Bosh will remain in Toronto. I think Chris wants to be convinced to stay when all is said and done. He has said things in the past that make me think that. The fact that he once said he wants to be part of the solution in Toronto and I think he likes the idea of spending his career with just 1 team. He has also been a witness to what happens to those that leave. It is hard to imagine fans having warm and fuzzy feelings towards Bosh if he did decide to leave in 2010. As much as fans say they understand that sports is a business do they truly accept that fact in their hearts? I suggest you have a listen the next time Vince Carter pays a visit to the ACC for your answer. Sure part of why they boo is the way he left. However is there really a good way to leave a franchise when it is the players choice to do so? It is one thing to be traded by the team and it being their choice or to have them pass on re-signing you. Morris Peterson will always be loved because everyone believes that he never wanted to leave. So why not be in a good position to put your best foot forward to keep Chris Bosh. So when or if all of the losing streak is going on try to remember that and it might not hurt as much.

Least Bosh Isn't D Wade or Lebron

You are probably saying hey I would rather have D Wade or Lebron on this team. That is not the point I am going to make though. Now it is Wade making noise that he is not against the idea of playing with Lebron James in NYC. James of course had his red shoes and his Yankee hat. Wade even went to say that the 2 superstars had talked about playing together somewhere after their current contracts expired. Chris Bosh to his credit has said little on the subject and even poured cold water on the comments made by Jalen Rose in a recent interview with Eric Smith.

Bosh has basically taken the high road on the topic and like he said he is not sure what he is going to do tomorrow, next week why would we think he knows what he will do a year and a half from now? It is just part of the insecurity that we have as Canadians. After all Bosh is from Texas and not a Canadian. Why would someone like that like our country? It is easy for Canadians to go crazy for our own home grown talents. If you need prove of that if you have more then 4 friends and I hope you do. Ask them if they watched the GSP fight last night? I would be shocked if you got 4 no I did not. Georges St Pierre the UFC and MMA star is Canadian. He will always be Canadian. Chris Bosh is a Texan and an American and as such we all just think he is only going to be here for so long. I mean unless Chris went and became a Canadian I don't think some people would ever be convinced he is here to stay. Come to think of it even if he did that would no guarantee anything see Chuck Swirsky for proof of that. Is it so hard to think that an American can come to Canada and enjoy it and want to be a part of it? We need to get over that as a country. Be proud of what we have, don't be afraid to say we are great. After all if not for a Canadian Lebron, D Wade and Bosh all have a different job then they currently have.

Regardless Of Win Or Lose, Live Blog Will Happen...Be There

I am live blogging the Raps and Magic today. So come out share your thoughts on this blog on the game or the Raptors season as a whole. That reminds me we have a rule that comments mus be of a PG 13 level or better. So keep that in mind when you comment. Also while the play is going on that is the focus of the live blog so people not actually seeing the game can follow along. But beyond that there is not rules for it. Come out and have fun and take part it the talk. I am even going to hang around post game for an extended chat on Raptors if people are into it. They may not be and have Superbowl parties to get to. So use this link and come be part of the fun of today's live Blog on The Score:

Score Live Blog- Raps and Magic

As you might have guessed there will be no Raptor Rewind today as a result of hosting the Live Blog for The Score. I may write something tonight will see. Yesterday I was attempting to bang out an episode of the Round Ball Review. Some technical issues did not co-operate with me on that front. So that is about it see you bout 15 minutes before tip time.

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