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Toronto Raptors have shuffled the deck, but let's face it the first test was a tough one. When you add the fact no Chris Bosh in the line-up and it was an expected result last night. Big Z was a big factor with no Bosh and Cavs successfully attacked Andrea Bargnani early and getting him into foul trouble. Jay Triano showed his frustration and got ejected from this basketball game. But this had nothing to do with not getting calls and everything to do with the Cavs are just miles ahead of the Toronto Raptors even with Chris Bosh that can be said. No Chris and it is no contest and it wasn't. That is the Coles notes version. I will make some actual game notes below.

Raps and Cavs Game Notes:

1st Quarter:
  • Cavs first possession right at Andrea and Big Z draws foul
  • Bargnani nice drive and score.
  • Marion gets a turn around posting up in the lane
  • Bargnani another drive with reverse lay up
  • Shawn Marion rebound and long hook up for AP, Nice play
  • Cavs right back at Andrea and he has 2 early and sits.
  • Raps looking to push it lead 14-8 at this point.
  • Calderon drive and score
  • King James 0-4 start.
  • Marion a drive and score Raptors having a great start.
  • Mo Williams makes a 3 pointer and leakage starting to show.
  • LBJ with his first score from field.
  • A rare Jake Voskhul basket.
  • LBJ block on Jose and it was pretty Calderon never saw him coming.
  • Cavs D is picking up and so is the offense and Cavs lead 22-21.
  • So despite a solid effort Raps down 1 after 1 with Cavs up 24-23
2nd Quarter
  • Jason Kapono missed much like he did in 3 point shoot out.
  • Cavs score first possession
  • Marion another rebound doing solid job getting on glass.
  • Wally World with a long 2
  • Shawn Marion 3-3 as he hits the leaner.
  • Kapono drive and makes the runner. Raps lead 29-28.
  • Bargnani with 2 fouls can do nothing to stop Big Z.
  • Kapono makes a 3 pointer after a Marion miss from 3.
  • Parker the drive and was fouled. makes 2 at line Raps up 34-32
  • Big Z makes a mid-range jumper to tie it.
  • Marion nice D as he stops Hickson.
  • Mo Williams from top of the key with solid jumper.
  • Bargnani the drive and score.
  • Open look for 3 doesn't wall for Cavs. Raps turn it over
  • Mo Williams another jumper.
  • James content to be creator sets up Wally Z with a bucket.
  • Nathan Jawai getting some early burn with Bargnani having 2 fouls.
  • Predictable that Big Z would get a look as Jawai got caught helping.
  • Jose Claderon dials up a jumper
  • Raps trail 47-41 at the half
3rd Quarter
  • Parker turnover to start the 3rd
  • Cavs again start going right to Big Z on Bargnani and he scores
  • Graham scores and has 9 in the game.
  • Big Z continues a nice inside/outside game making mid range jumper
  • Joey G back to back baskets.
  • Raps turnover as Joey G called for foul on offensive end
  • Big Z with sweet feed to James for the jam
  • Bargnani drive and Big Z challenges shot and Bargnani had no answer and air balled it
  • Parker settles for a jumper that does not fall
  • Big Z wide open as defense surrounded Lebron. Z man make corner jumper
  • Cleveland challenging everything and Raps frustrated and looking for help from Refs
  • James a score with MVP like ease
  • Bargnani makes a much needed 3 pointer with Raptor offense labouring
  • Jose Calderon gets lucky as his jumper has a Nascar race around the hoop before it falls.
  • Marion missed a runner.
  • Raptor have a turnover and James picking it up scoring wise with another basket.
  • Gibson on the deck for Cavs he fell strange on D.
  • Banks checks in and Lebron welcomes him with a post up and score.
  • Banks hooks up his Miami team mate with a score.
  • Banks out there in 2 point guard set with Ukic
  • Cavs could be up by more as they have had several open looks from 3. But they were still up 15.
  • Shot of Colangelo tells the story, not happy and with good reason Raps were down 15 after 3.
4th Quarter
  • Lebron catching a break to start the 4
  • Big Z on Bargnani again but missed turnaround
  • Banks in the books with a jumper.
  • AP makes a long 2 pointer.
  • Hickson makes a foul line jumper.
  • Wide open 3 pointer and the Cavs make this one.
  • Joey G fans will be happy to learn Joey has 15 to lead the Raps. But as I always say check the scoreboard.
  • Banks creates a steal but Raps fail to make points out of it missing a 3.
  • Lebron James helping out Jack and Matt telling Hickson to move so they can promote Bosh Bobblehead night against Minnesota.
  • AP scores and Cleveland answers
  • Jay Triano blows up and had seen enough of his team and the Refs, He is gone.
  • James give you a preview of next year's dunk contest on the break. That was a 7 at best.
  • Nathan Jawai is back in game. Banks and Marion in late as well being allowed to get some burn.
  • Shawn Marion makes a new friend on his new team hooking up Nathan Jawai for his first NBA basket.
  • That is it Cavs win it easy with a 93-76 win
So that was last night and Raps will now face a very key back to back with the Knicks if you still hold any hope for the Playoffs. Prior to that we will find out today if Colangelo has anything left in his bag of tricks to re-tool this roster. Trade Deadline day is here. I will be keeping my eye on things and will check in if something breaks during the day.

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