Rest,Reflect and Re-tool

Well I have a good night's sleep to think it over and I have not changed my mind. The Raptors are still in that same spot they have been for awhile. Even in a best case is that something to be excited about? Best being some how able to get into the playoffs and get pounded by the Celtics or Cavs. You can give me all the Atlanta Hawks and Denver Nuggets examples you like but I am not convinced. The experience against the Hawks last year is the exact reason why Celtics will crush whoever draws them in first round. It should be pointed out the Raptors are still in 14th place as well. That is not exactly knocking on the door of the playoff race. All eyes will be on Bryan Colangelo and what he does. We have heard big names that Colangelo has been rumoured to be in on. All former Suns like Marion,Amare and even my suggestion of a Steve Nash. It all seems to predictable and easy in a way. But when all the chairs are filled and the music stops, Bryan Colangelo will hope to have made some moves for the future of this team. The question I have is will they be the ones we have heard about or are there others that have shockingly enough not been leaked to the media? You know like the old days when rumours were not facts. Is it possibly that things go on that not even Steven A Smith is aware of? I know this will be a shock for him and maybe you as well but yes it is.

I personally will be glad once next Thursday has come and gone. I know a lot of folks love the rumour mill and all the talk of trades. I am just not a big fan of them personally. Maybe it is because a lot of it is hype and very little of it is reality. Even if these talks about players happen it does not mean anything unless it results in a deal. Many G.M's in all sports will tell you thousands of these calls happen in a given season. But it is only that one call out of a thousand that results in a deal that matters. It would be a massive disappointment if Bryan Colangelo is not able to make any moves. It is clear this team needs changes. We all may disagree on what those changes should be. However I think you would be hard pressed to find a Raptor fan that says everything is fine just leave this team as it is. Bryan Colangelo is under a lot of heat as a result. However no amount of heat he is under will match his only personal desire to restore his reputation that has taken some hits this season. I still believe Bryan Colangelo is a talented general manger who just took a very big risk and he ended up striking out. I would rather have a G.M that is willing to take those chances and take risks. Rob Babcock was not that type of G.M and I like many could not stand the Babcock era of Raptor basketball. His lack of leadership lead to one of the worst trades in league history. A deal that in a sense ended up being a Joey Graham for Vince Carter trade. Who is making that deal? Forgetting about contracts and the CBA for a second if you called up New Jersey and said Joey Graham for Vince Carter straight up what do you think the answer would be? Babcock became gun shy and was afraid to make moves. Some will point to the MLSE board saying he did not have the true power of the position he held. That maybe true it may not be. Bryan Colangelo clearly has that power to make moves and has the guts to make changes and accept the consequences. I will roll with that guy. Colangelo is not just looking to get a playoffs series win. He wants to win the whole thing and hold a NBA Title Party in Toronto. I like that kind of attitude. That is why despite what he says I don't think Bryan is very excited about this team sneaking into the playoffs in an 8th seed. If there are deals to be made that will help this team next season and not so much this season. I fully expect Colangelo to make them. A unexpected win over the Spurs is not going to change the path the Colangelo is heading down.

That is about it for me today. I will follow the advice of the title after a first half that was hard to swallow for all who are part of this Raptor Franchise. I think it is good advice for everyone to do that at this point.

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