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So the Raptors make a move. Jermaine O'Neal and Jamario Moon off to Miami and Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks head back to Toronto. This is a move that the Raptors had to make. Chris Bosh is still the franchise player of this team. The marriage with O'Neal did not work. Give Bryan Colangelo credit for understanding this and reacting to it. You combine that with the fact that Chris Bosh is still the focus and keeping him in 2010 is still the priority. Trading O'Neal had to happen. They needed some cap space and Shawn Marion and his contract will provide that. Did the Raptors have to make some concessions to make this happen. Yes the did. I think Bryan Colangelo likely was not thrilled to take back Marcus Banks and giving up a conditional first round pick was not the greatest thing as well. But at the end of the day if it allows you to build a team around Chris Bosh and keep him in 2010 is it worth it? Absolutely 100% Y E S!!!

Shawn Marion is not likely here long term. That being said he does like the city and is a guy who I had a chance to interview years ago and heard that from his own mouth. I will grant you this was in August when he was here for Vince Carter's Charity Game.

The real question for me is not if this was a good trade. Not if this will get the Raptors in the playoffs. Which by the way now that you have that conditional pick I don't think you really want Raptors to make it now. The question for me now becomes is are the Raptors done dealing. I am not convinced that they are done. We will see by next Thursday. However this was the deal the Raptors had to make it really is that simple. Do not get confused in thinking this was done for this season. It has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with the 09/10 season.

The Raptors can now afford to be a player in 2009 a free agent class that has some players of interest in it. The Raptors will be one of a few group of teams with a chance to sign players. While everyone else sits and waits and dreams of how they can be the team that lands Lebron James or Wade even Bosh. While the Raptors can choose to use the space they have in 2009 or wait for 2010. They will be in a strong position to sign players in 2009 for better a deal.

So hopefully if you did not get it now you do. Raptors made a smart move for the future today. It just is not a move for the future of the next 2 months. Also it should be noted as the article title suggests. We done yet? Knowing Bryan Colangelo don't bank on it and I am not talking Marcus.

Update- Reaction To Trade From B.C- Friday 10pm

Ryan McNeill from Hoops Addict has some reaction from B.C in his article on the trade.

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