Random Thoughts For A Friday.

I am feeling a bit punk today so I think I am going to keep this brief today. Just 10 random things that are like totally unrelated but were things I felt like talking about.

At the top of the list. Obama is going to check out the Bulls tonight. Imagine to have the leader of the United States a basketball fan. While here in Canada basketball can't bump curling and gets stuck on a network I can't get and majority of people are in the same boat. Sucks.

Go Blue. My Michigan Wolverines cling to hope of making the NCAA Tournament with a win over ranked Purdue. No this is not chuck checks in. But I like Michigan as well. Having said that I think Wolverines are NIT at best.

From K.G to Blake Griffin. Even King James got banged up last night. An injury bug has infested the sport of basketball.

15 teams are getting an NBA handout/bailout? Raptors have no comment. Please don't tell me MLSE took the money. They will just use the Leaf price ticket increase they don't need it. Yeah like I know what MLSE books say. But teams that are on that list for sure. Sacramento, Indiana and Milwaukee just look in the stands and you will see my evidence.

I am excited for March Madness. Maybe it is working all the live blogs doing college games for The Score but I am pumped up for March Madness it may be the most exciting tournament in a long time.

I want to thank the Toronto Sun for breaking the news that Shawn Marion thinks it is cold in Toronto. I know this was probably just as shocking for all of you as it was for me that a guy who went to school in Las Vegas, played in Arizona for most of his career and came from Miami. So the fact he finds it cold in Canada is a true shock to all.

The excitement of the new run and gun Raptors is kind of unexpected. Steve Nash may not play so could the Raptors catch a break and win 3 in a row? Anytime you think this Raptor team will do something expect the opposite. You will be right more than you are wrong.

Twitter is becoming a big thing. I am not sure if I get it. However It is cool to have the support of folks on Twitter. I guess I am suppose to twitter about that? Best twitter feed there is? The Real Shaq. It is so funny. It also makes me not feel so bad if I have a typo.

Hockey Trade deadline is coming 12 hours of professional broadcasters trying to fill time. This has become a sport in Canada as well. It really is over the top. Still all the best to the Hockey folks at being able to do it. It is the craziest day in Sports broadcasting in this country.

It's funny I couldn't wait for this season to get started. Now in some ways I can't wait for it to end. It has been a long season and a painful one as a fan. That being said I still work hard win or lose. So I thank everyone for hanging in with the Dino Nation Blog. After a season like this I think everyone in the media should thank the fans. I mean seriously I may not always agree with some of the things fans say or do. But I respect the passion and dedication of the folks out there that love the Raptors.

That is about it. If you every had a sleep and snore Ernie you will get this last line. Yawn.....I feel sleepy...I need a nap. I only hope that after the nap that " I FEEL GREAT ". Here is hoping you feel better than me and see you later tonight with a recap of Raptors and Suns. Oh I did promise a link to Stampede game.

D-League Game Links

There, now I am done.


  1. Dear James, did you see DJ Mbenga last night? Wow, he was getting up and down the court like an animal, THAT is an ENERGETIC player, hey BC!! Hint hint...

  2. I am sure Bryan Colangelo checks out all the blogs and will take a note on that Stephen A. Back to recovering for me.