Bosh Set To Return

Some of you out there may have been waiting for a Bosh trade today. However here is some evidence that is crazy talk. News out of Raptor Practice today that Bosh is ready to return for the game vs The Knicks on Friday. So that would be a clear suggestion that Bosh has no plans on being moved today. This news comes from Eric Smith on his blog "The Rap".

There is zero buzz of the Raptors doing anything. But if they do something Dino Nation Blog will be on top of it. Deadline is just over an hour away. Nothing big has went done thus far. Rumours of a Shaq to Cleveland but they died off really fast. there have been a couple minor moves but nothing worth writing about at this point.

I will keep checking on things. Seeing as Obama is here, can we get a basketball deadline show please? Is that to much to ask? I mean they have like 12 hours of Hockey deadline stuff could we poor TSN 2less Raptor and NBA fans get a little coverage please?

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