Round Ball Review- From The Home Of The King?

I decided instead of breaking down another painful loss, I would invest some time in making some laughs hopefully. J.B and Joey G when we last saw them were in New Orleans. They have now made their way to Memphis for the Raptors game tonight against the Grizzlies. Which no joking around has been switched to TSN from the orginally scheduled for TSN 2. No mention of that in this episode of the Round Ball Review. There is talk of....well just watch and you will see.

So that is all for them as they will be heading off to close the trip with T-Wolves and Raptors. If you are a college basketball fan I will be live blogging Michigan vs UConn and that is a 6 pm start right before the Raptors game. At this rate you should be checking out some college ball to see who is out there. UConn has some talented players but I like Chuck Swirsky am a big Michigan guy. So it should be fun. I will add a link to it as soon as I get it on just go to the score.com and click on liveblogs link and look for it. After that it will be right into Raptor Rewind for me. Take care and have a great weekend.

At 6pm(EST)...Come be part of The Score liveblog Huskies and Wolverines

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