Raps Get A Win But Change Still Must Come To Raptor Land

O.K to start an apology as there were some issues with Raptors Rewind. It had started off o.k, but I ended up helping out on the live blog on The Score and I had planned on finishing it up but I was feeling a bit under the weather. I tried to finish it this morning but something happened and it was deleted so allow me to give you a Coles notes version of a Raptors Rewind.

1st Quarter:

It was the Joey G show and the Raptors road that to a lead after one quarter.

2nd Quarter:

Raps gave up a 15-0 run to close out the second quarter. They trail at the half.

3rd Quarter:

T-Wolves after A Raptor push would lead by 13. However the Raptors would fight back a bit and eventually both teams would score 32 in the quarter.

4th Quarter:

Raptors picked up the defense and got Jason Kapono going. They would out score the T-Wolves 37-22 in the final quarter for a 110-102 victory.

Things of Note and Boxscore:

  • Joey Graham ties career high with 24. Was on fire in the opening quarter
  • O'Neal had 22 and was a key factor taking rookie Kevin Love to school.
  • Andrea Bargnani had a bounce back game made couple key baskets.
  • A much needed win, But given schedule it changes little.
Recap From The Score


Colangelo Addresses The Masses Via Radio and T.V

A win is never a bad thing. That being said this game did nothing to change my opinion of where this team is at. Changes must happen and if you listened to Bryan Colangelo last night on Prime Time Sports it like is going to happen if he gets his way. Bryan was on for the entire hour and talked about a number of topics. The first and foremost was the future of Chris Bosh as a Raptor.

He stuck to his guns in saying that he and Bosh have not had a conversation about him leaving. He said that when they talk in the summer the future of Bosh will be the main topic. Technically speaking the Raptors could sign Bosh to an extension this summer. However that is not going to happen which even Colangelo admitted that it would make little sense for Bosh to do that from a business point of view. However it will allow the two parties to get together and talk about the future. Colangelo was clear that he was not entertaining any offers for Bosh at this trade deadline. He said he cuts of any inquires right away and has no desire to consider anything at this time in terms of Bosh. He also said that the plan is still to built around Bosh and has not changed.

He would not go into specifics but did indicate that there were teams that were interested in J.O. He even admitted to a few calls he had received on Jose Calderon. He would mention that last year at this time he took 16 calls on Jose Calderon that is over half the league for you math majors out there. The question is was one of those calls from the Suns and was Steve Nash the name Colangelo would say he wants in return. It is clear Nash is unhappy with the Suns. Calderon would be a fit for the system that Porter is trying to run. But will in happen? Won't take long to find out. Colangelo said it had been a very busy time on the phones for all G.M's this year and more so than in the past. If you think it is crazy the Nash move do not be so sure as the Suns are desperate to cut payroll and Nash is clearly not happy. What does adding a Nash do for a guy like CB4? It may just make him re-evaluate. Not to mention from a public relations and marketing standpoint it would be the biggest move in Raptors history. People love Jose, but Canada loves Nash more. It could happen and it could save Jay Triano his job if it does.

That was perhaps the one thing that was surprising the amount of support Colangelo had for Triano. It seemed clear that Mitchell and Colangelo relationship was not ideal despite Bryan take the high road on the subject again. He seemed clear he had no regret in the choice he made and seems to have a lot more faith in Triano than me. He would not rule him out as a candidate for the job in the off-season. He did however say that he would have to look at what else was out there. Maybe Colangelo is just being kind or maybe that whole Nash idea is not so crazy? Whatever the case it seemed Bryan has not been dismayed in the slightest by the performance of Triano. He in fact seemed happy in the job he had done despite the record.

The one thing Colangelo seemed to make very clear is that change was going to come by next Thursday if he had anything to say about it. He suggested it could be a few big things or a few minor moves. But the suggestion was very clear that the Raptors are open for business for the trade deadline. Colangelo needs a big deadline for a lot of reasons. First and foremost to restore the faith of his star player which no matter what you choose to believe as relates to him we all can agree on that. Restore some faith of him the fan base as well. I saw a poll last night comparing Babcock to Colangelo. That says all you want to know about the sinking of B.C's rep. The fact someone would have that poll and not expect 100% response in favour of B.C (which it was not) tells you all you need to know in how far he has fallen with fan base.

Is Bryan the god like figure he was made out to be when he first got here? No...He likely said that himself. However is that same man now the village idiot? No. In fact he was very honest when talking about his big trade for J.O and how he was taking a swing for the fences. This time Colangelo stuck out. However like all home run hitters he is ready to get back in their and hack away. He suggested that he does not feel the team is that far away. Given the record they have it seems hard to imagine but if you stop and think about it he could be right. A solid draft pick coming, some cap flexibility if you can make a deal for J.O. What is that expression? It is always darkest before the dawn? Bryan Colangelo hopes that dawn comes by next Thursday.

MVP and ROY Blogger Rankings

It has been a week of me not getting things to work out. I also was not able to get a ballot in for the ROY and MVP voting. But Lebron keeps in the lead with or without my support. Check out the rest of the list below


So tonight Matt Bonner, the Red Hot Red Rocket comes to town with the Spurs. The party over a win over Minnesota will be a short one I have a feeling. But hopefully change is on the way. It is clear we need it even after a win last night.

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