Happy Valentine's Day Dino Nation

I have a date with basketball today. It is kind of like any other day. But this is a special day for everyone. So enjoy it with the people and things you love. Hopefully by coming here that includes basketball and the Raptors. For those of you that are in need of some entertainment that has nothing to do with this day. No problem you are welcome to come do some advanced scouting for the draft for the Raptors. I am doing an NCAA double header live blog for The Score:

Up First at 1pm:

UCLA and Arizona

Second Half at 4pm:

Pittsburgh and Cincinnati

So for those of you that can join in via the web or the Score Mobile, please drop by and hang out with the Dino Blogger. For those of you that have plans with your loved ones have fun and enjoy yourself. I think it is important to understand that as fired up as we get at the end of the day I hope we all share a love of the sport of basketball, the Raptors and the NBA.

That is what I have always wanted the Dino Nation Blog to be about. Good Stuff. Hopefully despite all the bad stuff that has gone on this season it has not caused you to lose an love or passion you have for basketball.

So Everyone Have A Wonderful Valentine's Day.

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