Randy Urban Returns To Dino Nation Blog

I mentioned my visit to Court Surfing on Tuesday night. Well yesterday based in part on that visit I had a chance to hook up with Randy Urban to talk about the Raptors. Randy is not only a guest for the second time he has been a talent booker for the Dino Nation Blog as well. Reconnecting me with an old friend in "The Baller" Adnan Virk. Who I knew before Chuck Swirsky ever gave him that nickname. While I work out the loans it will take to have Adnan come back. If you heard his first appearance on the blog you will understand the joke. He will be back hopefully soon. But for today we have Randy Urban who actually produced all the funny segments with Jerry Dee Sports reporter on his Raptor Ticket give aways. Randy also is a regular on Court surfing with D.J Bennett and they both do Raps and NBA stuff on The Score website as well.

To quote Joey G from the Round Ball Review " We love the Score Ya Da Ya Da "

But I actually do. It has allow me to expand the guest list here for the Dino Nation Blog. Randy being among those added guests. So with no further typing. Here is my interview with Randy prior to last night's Raps Debut of Shawn Marion. Who Randy is pulling for big time. Why? Listen and learn.

So thanks to Randy for being a guest and helping bring in some other guests as well. He and D.J had invited me down for Court Surfing and it was a blast. So thanks to them for the invite.

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