Raptors Rewind- The Mecca Massacre

So the Raptors and the Knicks finally get a chance to face off. They had not seen each other since the second game of the pre-season for the Raptors. But both teams look a lot different from the rosters on that night at ACC. Some holding out hope for the Raptors and the playoffs see this as a big home and home series.O'Bryant will be available for the Raptors and Wilcox was dressed for Knicks. Larry Hughes was there, but not available. Knicks were still in the playoff race and technically the Raptors are as well. But technically is the key word there.

1st Quarter

Raps win the tip and Jose Calderon takes a 3 pointer and misses. Knicks would score on first possession and it would set off a 9-0 run and Jay Triano is forced to burn a time out. The Raps shooting 0-4 to start the game. Bargnani missed what should have been an easy score. It took over 3:20 until Jose Calderon would finally score. The Knicks answered quickly and lead 11-2. Andrea Bargnani would hit a 3 pointer and Raps had scores on back to back possessions. Bosh miss a turnaround and David Lee got the rebound and the score on the other end. Al Harrington the easy score on the inside and Knicks were all over the Raptors up 15-5. Raptors a turnover and Toronto was shooting 2-10. All the talk of what this meant for this team and this is what they come out like? Playoffs? Give me a break.

Knicks continue to pour it on with score 19-7. Bosh checked out 0-3 in his first 6 minutes of action in quite some time. A lousy effort and a Calderon jumper bounces over the basket and out of play. Shawn Marion would get a basket next time down on offensive glass. But David Lee was having a hot start as he scored again. Calderon answered with a basket only to have Al Harrington nail a 3 pointer. It was 26-13 and Raptors were getting smoked. I mean this is just a joke, the Raptors defense is even worse than usual if that is possible. Bosh back in after a time out and he gets easy score in the paint in his second tour of duty on the floor. Joey G had a couple baskets but they were still down big 30-19. David Lee would go right at Bosh and score. Lee was not an all star and Bosh was but Lee was looking to make a statement against the returning Bosh. Wilson Chandler with a 3 pointer and Raptors were getting beat down. Bosh would get to the line. But it was already a huge climb back for the Raptors despite him making both at the line. Lee would score again the other way. Joey Graham a spin and score. Nate Robinson had his own spinning score and Graham would turn it over. This was seriously a brutal performance in a season that has seen a lot of them. A Nate Robinson 3 ball would make it 42-22 after 1 quarter of play. That is no typo. This was not funny it was a huge embarrassment.

2nd Quarter

Kapono with a 2 pointer and Chandler responds with a 3 pointer and he would score again. Seriously could we just forfeit this game it was 47-24. Raptors had back to back air balls. Ukic had the first I honestly missed the second air ball shooter. Joey Graham was 4-5 and that is par for the course to what I always say, Raptors suck and Joey good. The knicks lead was 51-26 and we are just over 2 minutes into the second quarter. Banks had checked in for Ukic and he missed a 3 ball but his caught iron. Nate Robinson won the dunk contest right? He was looking like a 3 point contest winner on this night as he hit another 3 pointer. I mean this is rare to say in any game but not even half way through the 2nd quarter this game is over. I mean it Raptors are done.

Offensive fouls and turnovers and just a general mess. Nate Robinson has another 3 pointer and I have a massive case of apathy setting in. Nate Robinson blocked CB4 and I am done. Seriously what are we going to talk about for 2 and half quarters? Knicks are up 24 with the score 58-34. Kapono makes a jumper off the Marion offensive board. David Lee is seriously good I will make that point. He scores again. I mean seriously this team is just getting a butt kicking and they have their star player returning in what they have said is a huge game for them? This is unacceptable. There has been a lot of debate about booing or cheering this team. Based on tonight if I was heading the the ACC regardless of performance I would boo this team for the first 2 minutes. The Knicks 62-36 lead at this point was lots of ammo for my point. Shawn Marion has been ok with 10 but it is hard to see anything good in this mess. Knicks were making it rain with 3 ball in the MSG. I admit checked my email, but seriously what am I going to type that I have not said already? This says it all 75-50 New York Knicks.

3rd Quarter

Raptors allowed the Knicks to shoot 58% and 10-20 from the 3 point line. Al Harrington comes right out and scores and just adds to the beating. Teams were trading baskets and at this point Raptors can ill afford to do that. A stop of any kind would be a major accomplishment. Andrea Bargnani had a couple scores but this game was way to far off the rails. Sure the system the Knicks play can allow teams to get back in games but not when your down 30 points which the Raptors were 86-56. The Knicks were making the Raptors look like a D-League franchise. Another wide open 3 for Wilson Chandler and the Knicks have a 91-58 lead. I serious could not do this in a video game. However this was reality and a very painful one. Hope is just not even in sight for anyone connected to this franchise. Jack Armstrong summed it up quite nicely. He said that this was unacceptable for everyone connected to this franchise be it a broadcaster, fan, coach, player or management. I totally agree with Jack Armstrong. I mean the Knicks are an improved basketball team. However they are not this good. They lead at this point 98-60 with still 4:20 to play in the 3rd quarter.

Knicks hit triple digits with just under 3 to play in the third quarter this is just the worst game I can recall in the history of this franchise. If you have a better answer leave it in the comments. I can not think of one. Jason Kapono hits a 3 point to pull the Raptors to down 26. The score is 101-75 after 3 quarters of play. This is the scary part. The Raptors have 1 more quarter to play and 4 more quarters on Sunday. Awful just does not seem to be good enough.

4th Quarter

Nate Robinson opens the 4th quarter with a 3 pointer and that was the 14th of the night for the Knicks. Wilson Chandler a dunk and this is just a pathetic effort on defense. 108-77 is the score. Bosh has not really been a factor in his return. Shawn Marion has a double double. That will make recent guest Randy Urban happy for his fantasy team. However beyond that I can't think of anything positive to say. Which honestly why should you based on what is going one.

Gallanari the fellow Italian makes a 3 ball and why not. Larry Hughes would have a 3 except he is not eligible to play. Least the Knick dancers would inspire a little HELLO from Jack. But it was Good Bye and really early for the Raptors. 111-84 for the Knicks. No hustle no desire and Raptors are just lumbering around on defense and it was truly awful. Mike D'Antoni had a huge smile and why would he not. His Knicks were bringing it and the Raptors were just waiting for the buzzer to go off. Patrick O'Bryant wearing number 13 checks in for the Raptors for his first action. I am not going to judge him to hard because honestly what can he be expected to do in a game like this at this point. Nathan Jawai was also out there. But Big Nate would miss a easy one in the paint. It was 121-94. Wilson Chandler has a career high 32 for the Knicks. He goes on a long list of NBA players that can make that claim. A blank star on Chris Bosh's face as this game goes final and thankfully so with the score 127-97.

The brutal boxscore below:
Raps/Knicks Boxscore

I got nothing more to say. Well I have one more thing. If you didn't think it was over before tonight, I think it is clear that it is now.


  1. WOO-HOO!! Nathan Jawai, Patrick O'Bryant, Jake Vokshul!!! BC is a genius! Raptors gonna make a run in the playoffs! Watch out you Celtics & Cavaliers 'cause our superstar MVP Chris Bosh (who's NEVER going to leave Toronto) is planning on taking you down! Jose Calderon! WOOOOO! You gotta love that assist to turnover ratio! He's definitely an All-Star. If only his hammy was 100% he would've been a shoe in for the midseason classic! Anthony Parker! YIPIII! You gotta love the hustle and determination that the guy brings. Forget Vince Cater! BOOOOO! We'd take our good ol' AP over him anyday. YEAHHH! The Knicks just made some tough shots today, but we'll get 'em next time. We'll start playing REAL Raptors basketball next game. GO RAPTORS GO!

  2. Nice to see the folks at MLSE read the blog. I enjoyed your comments. Sarcastic and pretty on the money. Here is something I have not got into much. I likely will more tomorrow but if the plan was to be a running team why exactly did we keep Jose and trade T.J? Who is the better point guard for an up and down style of play? T.J Ford hooking up Marion. I can see it. But Ford was an injury risk and all. Guess now would be a bad time to point out he has played more than Jose this year right? Yeah I thought so.