Round Ball Review From Minnesota

Well the last leg of the road trip is taking a toll on the guys from the round ball review. Amazingly Joey has been right about the Raptors losing and it is clearly going to his head. J.B is clearly reaching the end of his rope. While Joey G has truly taken his rumour spreading to insane new levels. That is your preview of what to look forward to in this edition on the round ball review.

Now is Joey truly going to be fired? Not likely but it would be cool if you have seen a few of these to get your thoughts. I have got feedback from a lot of folks on them privately and they seem to be a big hit. I think they add some much needed humour in a season that has been in bad need of it. So if you care to take the time to chime in it would be welcomed.

It should also be noted that Joey G referenced Al Jefferson as the reason the T-Wolves would win. I guess he did not hear the bad news that Jefferson has a torn ACL and is out the rest of the season.

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